Improve description of the Create Project capability

* Mention that projects can also be created via REST.
* Put less focus on the possibility to create projects via SSH as
  creating projects via the web UI or REST is generally preferred.

Release-Notes: skip
Signed-off-by: Edwin Kempin <>
Change-Id: Id8156c53738c584eabc0a011ac464b9da77ebec4
diff --git a/Documentation/access-control.txt b/Documentation/access-control.txt
index 9a40b27..185fa07 100644
--- a/Documentation/access-control.txt
+++ b/Documentation/access-control.txt
@@ -1370,10 +1370,11 @@
 === Create Project
-Allow project creation.  This capability allows the granted group to
-either link:cmd-create-project.html[create new git projects via ssh]
-or via the web UI.
+Allow project creation.
+This capability allows the granted group to create projects via the web UI, via
+link:rest-api-projects.html#create-project][REST] and via
 === Email Reviewers