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= Deploy Gerrit Artifacts
== Deploy Configuration settings for Maven Central
Some Gerrit artifacts (e.g. the Gerrit WAR file, the Gerrit Plugin API
and the Gerrit Extension API) are published on Maven Central in the
`` repository.
To be able to publish artifacts to Maven Central some preparations must
be done:
* Create a Sonatype account as described in the
Sonatype OSS Maven Repository Usage Guide].
Sonatype is the company that runs Maven Central and you need a Sonatype
account for uploading artifacts to Maven Central.
* Configure your Sonatype user and password in `~/.m2/settings.xml`:
* Request permissions to upload artifacts to the ``
repository on Maven Central:
Ask for this permission by adding a comment on the
link:[OSSRH-7392] Jira
ticket at Sonatype.
The request needs to be approved by someone who already has this
permission by commenting on the same issue.
* Generate and publish a PGP key
Generate and publish a PGP key as described in
Working with PGP Signatures].
Please be aware that after publishing your public key it may take a
while until it is visible to the Sonatype server.
The PGP key is needed to be able to sign the artifacts before the
upload to Maven Central.
The PGP passphrase can be put in `~/.m2/settings.xml`:
It can also be included in the key chain on OS X.
== Deploy Configuration in Maven `settings.xml`
Gerrit Subproject Artifacts are stored on
link:[Google Cloud Storage].
Via the link:[API Console] the
Gerrit maintainers have access to the `Gerrit Code Review` project.
This projects host several buckets for storing Gerrit artifacts:
* `gerrit-api`:
Bucket to store the Gerrit Extension API Jar and the Gerrit Plugin API
* `gerrit-maven`:
Bucket to store Gerrit Subproject Artifacts (e.g. `gwtjsonrpc` etc.).
To upload artifacts to a bucket the user must authenticate with a
username and password. The username and password need to be retrieved
from the link:[API Console]:
* Go to the `Gerrit Code Review` project
* In the menu on the left select `Google Cloud Storage` >
`Interoperable Access`
* Use the `Access Key` as username
* Click under `Secret` on the `Show` button to find the password
To make the username and password known to Maven, they must be
configured in the `~/.m2/settings.xml` file.
<settings xmlns=""
=== Gerrit Subprojects
* You will need to have the following in the `pom.xml` to make it
deployable to the `gerrit-maven` storage bucket:
<name>Gerrit Maven Repository</name>
* Add this to the `pom.xml` to enable the wagon provider:
Part of link:index.html[Gerrit Code Review]