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= Gerrit Code Review - Eclipse Setup
This document is about configuring Gerrit Code Review into an
Eclipse workspace for development and debugging with GWT.
Java 6 or later SDK is also required to run GWT's compiler and
runtime debugging environment.
== Code Formatter Settings
Import `tools/GoogleFormat.xml` using Window -> Preferences ->
Java -> Code Style -> Formatter -> Import...
This will define the 'Google Format' profile, which the project
settings prefer when formatting source code.
== Site Initialization
Build once on the command line with
link:dev-buck.html#build[Buck] and then follow
link:dev-readme.html#init[Site Initialization] in the
Developer Setup guide to configure a local site for testing.
== Testing
=== Running the Daemon
Duplicate the existing launch configuration:
* In Eclipse select Run -> Debug Configurations ...
* Java Application -> `gerrit_daemon`
* Right click, Duplicate
* Modify the name to be unique.
* Switch to Arguments tab.
* Edit the `-d` program argument flag to match the path used during
'init'. The template launch configuration resolves to `../gerrit_testsite`
since that is what the documentation recommends.
* Switch to Common tab.
* Change Save as to be Local file.
* Close the Debug Configurations dialog and save the changes when prompted.
=== Running GWT Debug Mode
The `gerrit_gwt_debug` launch configuration uses GWT's
link:[Super Dev Mode].
* Make a local copy of the `gerrit_gwt_debug` configuration, using the
process described for `gerrit_daemon` above.
* Launch the local copy of `gerrit_gwt_debug` from the Eclipse debug menu.
* If debugging GWT for the first time:
** Open the link:http://localhost:9876/[codeserver URL] and add the `Dev Mode On`
and `Dev Mode Off` bookmarklet to your bookmark bar.
** Activate the source maps feature in your browser. Refer to the
Chrome] and
Firefox] developer documentation.
* Load the link:http://localhost:8080[Gerrit page].
* Open the source tab in developer tools.
* Click the `Dev Mode On` bookmark to incrementally recompile changed files.
* Select the `gerrit_ui` module to compile (the `Compile` button can also be used
as a bookmarklet).
* In the developer tools source tab, open a file and set a breakpoint.
* Navigate to the UI and confirm that the breakpoint is hit.
* To end the debugging session, click the `Dev Mode Off` bookmark.
.After changing the client side code:
* Hitting `F5` in the browser only reloads the last compile output, without
* To reflect your changes in the debug session, click `Dev Mode On` then `Compile`.
Part of link:index.html[Gerrit Code Review]