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= gerrit-cherry-pick
gerrit-cherry-pick - Download and cherry pick one or more changes
'gerrit-cherry-pick' <remote> <changeid>...
'gerrit-cherry-pick' --continue | --skip | --abort
'gerrit-cherry-pick' --close <remote>
Downloads the listed changes specified on the command line and
proceeds to cherry-pick them (rewriting commit SHA-1s as it goes)
onto the current branch.
If a merge failure prevents this from being completely automatic,
you will be asked to resolve the conflict and restart the command
with the `--continue` option.
Change ids may be specified as either the change id (e.g. 1234)
or as change id slash patch set number (e.g. 1234/8). If the patch
set number is not supplied, `/1` is assumed.
The `--close` command line option is now deprecated, as closing
existing changes post cherry-pick is better handled simply by
ensuring link:user-changeid.html[Change-Id lines] are present in
each commit message.
To obtain the 'gerrit-cherry-pick' script use scp, curl or wget to
copy it to your local system:
$ scp -p -P 29418 ~/bin/
$ curl -Lo ~/bin/gerrit-cherry-pick
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