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* @license
* Copyright 2022 Google LLC
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
import {html, LitElement, TemplateResult} from 'lit';
import {customElement, property, state} from 'lit/decorators.js';
import {ifDefined} from 'lit/directives/if-defined.js';
import {createRef, Ref, ref} from 'lit/directives/ref.js';
import {
} from '../../../api/diff';
import {BlameInfo} from '../../../types/common';
import {assertIsDefined} from '../../../utils/common-util';
import {fire} from '../../../utils/event-util';
import {getBaseUrl} from '../../../utils/url-util';
import './gr-diff-text';
import {GrDiffLine, GrDiffLineType} from '../gr-diff/gr-diff-line';
import {diffClasses, isResponsive} from '../gr-diff/gr-diff-utils';
export class GrDiffRow extends LitElement {
contentLeftRef: Ref<LitElement> = createRef();
contentRightRef: Ref<LitElement> = createRef();
lineNumberLeftRef: Ref<HTMLTableCellElement> = createRef();
lineNumberRightRef: Ref<HTMLTableCellElement> = createRef();
blameCellRef: Ref<HTMLTableCellElement> = createRef();
tableRowRef: Ref<HTMLTableRowElement> = createRef();
@property({type: Object})
left?: GrDiffLine;
@property({type: Object})
right?: GrDiffLine;
@property({type: Object})
blameInfo?: BlameInfo;
@property({type: Object})
responsiveMode?: DiffResponsiveMode;
@property({type: Number})
tabSize = 2;
@property({type: Number})
lineLength = 80;
@property({type: Boolean})
hideFileCommentButton = false;
@property({type: Object})
layers: DiffLayer[] = [];
* While not visible we are trying to optimize rendering performance by
* rendering a simpler version of the diff. Once this has become true it
* cannot be set back to false.
isVisible = false;
* Semantic DOM diff testing does not work with just table fragments, so when
* running such tests the render() method has to wrap the DOM in a proper
* <table> element.
addTableWrapperForTesting = false;
* Keeps track of whether diff layers have already been applied to the diff
* row. That happens after the DOM has been created in the `updated()`
* lifecycle callback.
* Once layers are applied, the diff row requires two rendering passes for an
* update: 1. Remove all <gr-diff-text> elements and their layer manipulated
* DOMs. 2. Add fresh <gr-diff-text> elements and let layers re-apply in
* `updated()`.
private layersApplied = false;
* The browser API for handling selection does not (yet) work for selection
* across multiple shadow DOM elements. So we are rendering gr-diff components
* into the light DOM instead of the shadow DOM by overriding this method,
* which was the recommended workaround by the lit team.
* See also
override createRenderRoot() {
return this;
override updated() {
if (this.layersApplied) {
// <gr-diff-text> elements have been removed during rendering. Let's start
// another rendering cycle with freshly created <gr-diff-text> elements.
this.updateComplete.then(() => {
this.layersApplied = false;
} else {
* The diff layers API is designed to let layers manipulate the DOM. So we
* have to apply them after the rendering cycle is done (`updated()`). But
* when re-rendering a row that already has layers applied, then we have to
* first wipe away <gr-diff-text>. This is achieved by
* `this.layersApplied = true`.
private async updateLayers(side: Side) {
if (!this.isVisible) return;
const line = this.line(side);
const contentEl = this.contentRef(side).value;
const lineNumberEl = this.lineNumberRef(side).value;
if (!line || !contentEl || !lineNumberEl) return;
// We have to wait for the <gr-diff-text> child component to finish
// rendering before we can apply layers, which will re-write the HTML.
await contentEl?.updateComplete;
for (const layer of this.layers) {
if (typeof layer.annotate === 'function') {
layer.annotate(contentEl, lineNumberEl, line, side);
// At this point we consider layers applied. So as soon as <gr-diff-row>
// enters a new rendering cycle <gr-diff-text> elements will be removed.
this.layersApplied = true;
private renderInvisible() {
return html`
<td class="gr-diff blame"></td>
<td class="gr-diff left"></td>
<td class="gr-diff left content">
<div>${this.left?.text ?? ''}</div>
<td class="gr-diff right"></td>
<td class="gr-diff right content">
<div>${this.right?.text ?? ''}</div>
override render() {
if (!this.left || !this.right) return;
if (!this.isVisible) return this.renderInvisible();
const row = html`
class=${diffClasses('diff-row', 'side-by-side')}
${this.renderBlameCell()} ${this.renderLineNumberCell(Side.LEFT)}
if (this.addTableWrapperForTesting) {
return html`<table>
return row;
getTableRow(): HTMLTableRowElement | undefined {
return this.tableRowRef.value;
getLineNumberCell(side: Side): HTMLTableCellElement | undefined {
return this.lineNumberRef(side).value;
getContentCell(side: Side) {
const div = this.contentRef(side)?.value;
if (!div) return undefined;
return div.parentElement as HTMLTableCellElement;
getBlameCell() {
return this.blameCellRef.value;
private renderBlameCell() {
// td.blame has `white-space: pre`, so prettier must not add spaces.
// prettier-ignore
return html`
data-line-number=${this.left?.beforeNumber ?? 0}
private renderBlameElement() {
const lineNum = this.left?.beforeNumber;
const commit = this.blameInfo;
if (!lineNum || !commit) return;
const isStartOfRange = commit.ranges.some(r => r.start === lineNum);
const extras: string[] = [];
if (isStartOfRange) extras.push('startOfRange');
const date = new Date(commit.time * 1000).toLocaleDateString();
const shortName =' ')[0];
const url = `${getBaseUrl()}/q/${}`;
// td.blame has `white-space: pre`, so prettier must not add spaces.
// prettier-ignore
return html`<span class=${diffClasses(...extras)}
><a href=${url} class=${diffClasses('blameDate')}>${date}</a
><span class=${diffClasses('blameAuthor')}> ${shortName}</span
><gr-hovercard class=${diffClasses()}>
<span class=${diffClasses('blameHoverCard')}>
Commit ${}<br />
Author: ${}<br />
Date: ${date}<br />
<br />
private renderLineNumberCell(side: Side): TemplateResult {
const line = this.line(side);
const lineNumber = this.lineNumber(side);
if (
!line ||
!lineNumber ||
line.type === GrDiffLineType.BLANK ||
) {
return html`<td
return html`<td
class=${diffClasses(side, 'lineNum')}
${this.renderLineNumberButton(line, lineNumber, side)}
private renderLineNumberButton(
line: GrDiffLine,
lineNumber: LineNumber,
side: Side
) {
if (this.hideFileCommentButton && lineNumber === 'FILE') return;
if (lineNumber === 'LOST') return;
// .lineNumButton has `white-space: pre`, so prettier must not add spaces.
// prettier-ignore
return html`
class=${diffClasses('lineNumButton', side)}
this.computeLineNumberAriaLabel(line, lineNumber)
@mouseenter=${() =>
fire(this, 'line-mouse-enter', {lineNum: lineNumber, side})}
@mouseleave=${() =>
fire(this, 'line-mouse-leave', {lineNum: lineNumber, side})}
>${lineNumber === 'FILE' ? 'File' : lineNumber.toString()}</button>
private computeLineNumberAriaLabel(line: GrDiffLine, lineNumber: LineNumber) {
if (lineNumber === 'FILE') return 'Add file comment';
// Add aria-labels for valid line numbers.
// For unified diff, this method will be called with number set to 0 for
// the empty line number column for added/removed lines. This should not
// be announced to the screenreader.
if (lineNumber <= 0) return undefined;
switch (line.type) {
case GrDiffLineType.REMOVE:
return `${lineNumber} removed`;
case GrDiffLineType.ADD:
return `${lineNumber} added`;
case GrDiffLineType.BOTH:
case GrDiffLineType.BLANK:
return undefined;
private renderContentCell(side: Side): TemplateResult {
const line = this.line(side);
const lineNumber = this.lineNumber(side);
assertIsDefined(line, 'line');
const extras: string[] = [line.type, side];
if (line.type !== GrDiffLineType.BLANK) extras.push('content');
if (!line.hasIntralineInfo) extras.push('no-intraline-info');
if (line.beforeNumber === 'FILE') extras.push('file');
if (line.beforeNumber === 'LOST') extras.push('lost');
// .content has `white-space: pre`, so prettier must not add spaces.
// prettier-ignore
return html`
@mouseenter=${() => {
if (lineNumber)
fire(this, 'line-mouse-enter', {lineNum: lineNumber, side});
@mouseleave=${() => {
if (lineNumber)
fire(this, 'line-mouse-leave', {lineNum: lineNumber, side});
>${this.renderText(side)}${this.renderThreadGroup(side, lineNumber)}</td>
private renderThreadGroup(side: Side, lineNumber?: LineNumber) {
if (!lineNumber) return;
// TODO: For the LOST line number the convention is that a <tr> will always
// be rendered, but it will not be visible, because of all cells being
// empty. For this to work with lit-based rendering we may only render a
// thread-group and a <slot> when there is a thread using that slot. The
// cleanest solution for that is probably introducing a gr-diff-model, where
// each diff row can look up or observe comment threads.
// .content has `white-space: pre`, so prettier must not add spaces.
// prettier-ignore
return html`<div class="thread-group" data-side=${side}><slot name="${side}-${lineNumber}"></slot></div>`;
private contentRef(side: Side) {
return side === Side.LEFT ? this.contentLeftRef : this.contentRightRef;
private lineNumberRef(side: Side) {
return side === Side.LEFT
? this.lineNumberLeftRef
: this.lineNumberRightRef;
private lineNumber(side: Side) {
return this.line(side)?.lineNumber(side);
private line(side: Side) {
return side === Side.LEFT ? this.left : this.right;
* Returns a 'div' element containing the supplied |text| as its innerText,
* with '\t' characters expanded to a width determined by |tabSize|, and the
* text wrapped at column |lineLimit|, which may be Infinity if no wrapping is
* desired.
private renderText(side: Side) {
const line = this.line(side);
const lineNumber = this.lineNumber(side);
if (lineNumber === 'FILE' || lineNumber === 'LOST') return;
// Note that `this.layersApplied` will wipe away the <gr-diff-text>, and
// another rendering cycle will be initiated in `updated()`.
// prettier-ignore
const textElement = line?.text && !this.layersApplied
? html`<gr-diff-text
></gr-diff-text>` : '';
// .content has `white-space: pre`, so prettier must not add spaces.
// prettier-ignore
return html`<div
class=${diffClasses('contentText', side)}
.ariaLabel=${line?.text ?? ''}
declare global {
interface HTMLElementTagNameMap {
'gr-diff-row': GrDiffRow;