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* @license
* Copyright 2020 Google LLC
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
import {
} from './common';
import {FetchRequest} from './types';
import {LineNumberEventDetail, MovedLinkClickedEventDetail} from '../api/diff';
import {Category, RunStatus} from '../api/checks';
// TODO: Local events that are only fired by one component should also be
// declared and documented in that component. Don't collect ALL the events here.
// 'show-alert' for example is fine to keep, because it is fired all over the
// place. But 'line-cursor-moved-in' is only fired by <gr-diff-cursor>, so let's
// move it there.
declare global {
interface HTMLElementEventMap {
'add-reviewer': AddReviewerEvent;
'bind-value-changed': BindValueChangeEvent;
/** Fired when a 'cancel' button in a dialog was pressed. */
// prettier-ignore
'cancel': CustomEvent<{}>;
// prettier-ignore
'change': ChangeEvent;
// prettier-ignore
'changed': ChangedEvent;
// prettier-ignore
'close': CustomEvent<{}>;
// prettier-ignore
'commit': AutocompleteCommitEvent;
/** Fired when a 'confirm' button in a dialog was pressed. */
// prettier-ignore
'confirm': CustomEvent<{}>;
'dialog-change': DialogChangeEvent;
// prettier-ignore
'drop': DropEvent;
'hide-alert': CustomEvent<{}>;
'location-change': LocationChangeEvent;
'iron-announce': IronAnnounceEvent;
'iron-resize': CustomEvent<{}>;
'line-mouse-enter': LineNumberEvent;
'line-mouse-leave': LineNumberEvent;
'line-cursor-moved-in': LineNumberEvent;
'line-cursor-moved-out': LineNumberEvent;
'moved-link-clicked': MovedLinkClickedEvent;
'open-fix-preview': OpenFixPreviewEvent;
'reply-to-comment': ReplyToCommentEvent;
// prettier-ignore
'reload': ReloadEvent;
'remove-reviewer': RemoveReviewerEvent;
'show-alert': ShowAlertEvent;
'show-error': ShowErrorEvent;
'show-tab': SwitchTabEvent;
'show-secondary-tab': SwitchTabEvent;
'tap-item': TapItemEvent;
'title-change': TitleChangeEvent;
declare global {
interface DocumentEventMap {
'gr-rpc-log': RpcLogEvent;
'network-error': NetworkErrorEvent;
'page-error': PageErrorEvent;
// prettier-ignore
'reload': ReloadEvent;
'server-error': ServerErrorEvent;
'show-alert': ShowAlertEvent;
'show-error': ShowErrorEvent;
'auth-error': AuthErrorEvent;
export interface AutocompleteCommitEventDetail {
value: string;
export type AutocompleteCommitEvent =
export interface AddAccountEventDetail {
value: string;
export type AddAccountEvent = CustomEvent<AddAccountEventDetail>;
export interface AddReviewerEventDetail {
reviewer: AccountInfo;
export type AddReviewerEvent = CustomEvent<AddReviewerEventDetail>;
export interface RemoveReviewerEventDetail {
reviewer: AccountInfo;
export type RemoveReviewerEvent = CustomEvent<RemoveReviewerEventDetail>;
export interface BindValueChangeEventDetail {
value: string | undefined;
export type BindValueChangeEvent = CustomEvent<BindValueChangeEventDetail>;
export type ChangeEvent = InputEvent;
// TODO: This event seems to be unused (no listener). Remove?
export type ChangedEvent = CustomEvent<string | undefined>;
export interface ChangeMessageDeletedEventDetail {
message: ChangeMessage;
export type ChangeMessageDeletedEvent =
// TODO(milutin) - remove once new gr-dialog will do it out of the box
// This informs gr-app-element to remove footer, header from a11y tree
export interface DialogChangeEventDetail {
canceled?: boolean;
opened?: boolean;
export type DialogChangeEvent = CustomEvent<DialogChangeEventDetail>;
export type DropEvent = DragEvent;
export interface EditableContentSaveEventDetail {
content: string;
export type EditableContentSaveEvent =
export interface FileActionTapEventDetail {
path: string;
action: string;
export type FileActionTapEvent = CustomEvent<FileActionTapEventDetail>;
export interface RpcLogEventDetail {
status: number | null;
method: string;
elapsed: number;
anonymizedUrl: string;
export type RpcLogEvent = CustomEvent<RpcLogEventDetail>;
export interface IronAnnounceEventDetail {
text: string;
export type IronAnnounceEvent = CustomEvent<IronAnnounceEventDetail>;
export interface LocationChangeEventDetail {
hash: string;
pathname: string;
export type LocationChangeEvent = CustomEvent<LocationChangeEventDetail>;
export type MovedLinkClickedEvent = CustomEvent<MovedLinkClickedEventDetail>;
export type LineNumberEvent = CustomEvent<LineNumberEventDetail>;
export interface NetworkErrorEventDetail {
error: Error;
export type NetworkErrorEvent = CustomEvent<NetworkErrorEventDetail>;
export interface OpenFixPreviewEventDetail {
patchNum: PatchSetNum;
fixSuggestions: FixSuggestionInfo[];
onCloseFixPreviewCallbacks: ((fixapplied: boolean) => void)[];
export type OpenFixPreviewEvent = CustomEvent<OpenFixPreviewEventDetail>;
export interface ReplyToCommentEventDetail {
content: string;
userWantsToEdit: boolean;
unresolved: boolean;
export type ReplyToCommentEvent = CustomEvent<ReplyToCommentEventDetail>;
export interface PageErrorEventDetail {
response?: Response;
export type PageErrorEvent = CustomEvent<PageErrorEventDetail>;
export interface ReloadEventDetail {
clearPatchset: boolean;
export type ReloadEvent = CustomEvent<ReloadEventDetail>;
export interface RemoveAccountEventDetail {
account: AccountInfo;
export type RemoveAccountEvent = CustomEvent<RemoveAccountEventDetail>;
export interface ReplyEventDetail {
message: ChangeMessage;
export type ReplyEvent = CustomEvent<ReplyEventDetail>;
export interface ServerErrorEventDetail {
request?: FetchRequest;
response: Response;
export type ServerErrorEvent = CustomEvent<ServerErrorEventDetail>;
export interface ShowAlertEventDetail {
message: string;
dismissOnNavigation?: boolean;
showDismiss?: boolean;
action?: string;
callback?: () => void;
export type ShowAlertEvent = CustomEvent<ShowAlertEventDetail>;
export interface ShowErrorEventDetail {
message: string;
export type ShowErrorEvent = CustomEvent<ShowErrorEventDetail>;
export interface ShowReplyDialogEventDetail {
value: {
reviewersOnly: boolean;
ccsOnly: boolean;
export type ShowReplyDialogEvent = CustomEvent<ShowReplyDialogEventDetail>;
export interface AuthErrorEventDetail {
message: string;
action: string;
export type AuthErrorEvent = CustomEvent<AuthErrorEventDetail>;
// Type for the custom event to switch tab.
export interface SwitchTabEventDetail {
// name of the tab to set as active, from custom event
tab: string;
// scroll into the tab afterwards, from custom event
scrollIntoView?: boolean;
// define state of tab after opening
tabState?: TabState;
export interface TabState {
commentTab?: CommentTabState;
checksTab?: ChecksTabState;
export enum CommentTabState {
UNRESOLVED = 'unresolved',
DRAFTS = 'drafts',
SHOW_ALL = 'show all',
MENTIONS = 'mentions',
export interface ChecksTabState {
statusOrCategory?: RunStatus | Category;
checkName?: string;
export type SwitchTabEvent = CustomEvent<SwitchTabEventDetail>;
export type TapItemEvent = CustomEvent<DropdownLink>;
export interface TitleChangeEventDetail {
title: string;
export type TitleChangeEvent = CustomEvent<TitleChangeEventDetail>;
* This event can be used for Polymer properties that have `notify: true` set.
* But it is also generally recommended when you want to notify your parent
* elements about a property update, also for Lit elements.
* The name of the event should be `prop-name-changed`.
export type ValueChangedEvent<T = string> = CustomEvent<{value: T}>;