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- job:
name: gerrit-base
parent: gerrit-setup
description: |
Base job for all Gerrit-related builds
This adds required projects needed for all Gerrit-related builds
(i.e., builds of Gerrit itself or plugins) on this branch.
- jgit
- job:
name: gerrit-build
parent: gerrit-build-base
description: |
Build Gerrit
This builds Gerrit with the core plugins.
# This inherits from gerrit-base, so submodules listed above do
# not need to be repeated here.
- plugins/codemirror-editor
- plugins/commit-message-length-validator
- plugins/delete-project
- plugins/download-commands
- plugins/gitiles
- plugins/hooks
- plugins/plugin-manager
- plugins/replication
- plugins/reviewnotes
- plugins/singleusergroup
- plugins/webhooks
- polymer-bridges
- project:
- gerrit-build