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not Signed-off-by author/committer/uploader in commit message footer
Projects in Gerrit can be configured to require a link:user-signedoffby.html#Signed-off-by[Signed-off-by] in
the footer of the commit message to enforce that every change is signed by the
author, committer or uploader. If for a project a Signed-off-by is
required and the commit message footer does not contain it, Gerrit rejects
to push the commit with this error message.
This policy can be bypassed by having the access right
link:access-control.html#category_forge_committer['Forge Committer'].
This error may happen for different reasons if you do not have the
access right to forge the committer identity:
. missing Signed-off-by in the commit message footer
. Signed-off-by is contained in the commit message footer but it's neither
from the author, committer nor uploader
. Signed-off-by from the author, committer or uploader is contained
in the commit message but not in the footer (last paragraph)
To be able to push your commits you have to update the commit
messages as explained link:error-push-fails-due-to-commit-message.html[here] so that they contain a Signed-off-by from
the author, committer or uploader in the last paragraph. However it
is important that you only add a Signed-off-by if you understand the
semantics of the link:user-signedoffby.html#Signed-off-by[Signed-off-by] and the commit applies to the rules
that are connected with this footer.
Part of link:error-messages.html[Gerrit Error Messages]