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= Release notes for Gerrit 2.9.3
== Important Notes
*WARNING:* There are no schema changes from
link:ReleaseNotes-2.9.2.html[2.9.2], but when upgrading from an existing site
that was initialized with Gerrit version 2.6 to version 2.9.1 the primary key
column order will be updated for some tables. It is therefore important to
upgrade the site with the `init` program, rather than only copying the .war file
over the existing one.
It is recommended to run the `init` program in interactive mode. Warnings will
be suppressed in batch mode.
java -jar gerrit.war init -d site_path
*WARNING:* When upgrading from version 2.8.4 or older with a site that uses
Bouncy Castle Crypto, new versions of the libraries will be downloaded. The old
libraries should be manually removed from site's `lib` folder to prevent the
startup failure described in
link:[Issue 3084].
== Bug Fixes
*Downgrade SSHD to 0.9.0-4-g5967cfd*
In Gerrit version 2.9.2 SSHD was upgraded to 0.13.0 which included a fix for
link:[SSHD-348 (SSH thread pool
It turned out that SSHD 0.13.0 still suffers from this issue, which causes
problems for users of the stream-events in Gerrit 2.9.2.
SSHD 0.9.0 is known to be free from this particular issue, but we cannot
downgrade to that version because it includes some other known issues:
* link:[SSHD-254 ('authenticated
with partial success' error)]
* link:[SSHD-330 (sporadic
handshake failures)].
SSHD version 0.9.0-4-g5967cfd is based on 0.9.0 and includes fixes for SSHD-254
and SSHD-330.
Due to the downgrade of SSHD, the following libraries are also downgraded:
* Bouncycastle from 1.51 to 1.49
* Mina Core from 2.0.8 to 2.0.7