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= Release notes for Gerrit 2.9.1
There are no schema changes from link:ReleaseNotes-2.9.html[2.9].
*WARNING:* When upgrading from version 2.8.4 or older with a site that uses
Bouncy Castle Crypto, new versions of the libraries will be downloaded. The old
libraries should be manually removed from site's `lib` folder to prevent the
startup failure described in
link:[Issue 3084].
== Bug Fixes
* link:[Issue 2801]:
Set default for review SSH command to `notify=ALL`.
In 2.9 the default was incorrectly set to `notify=NONE`, which prevented
mail notifications from being sent for review comments that were added by
build jobs based on the Gerrit Trigger plugin.
* link:[Issue 2879]:
Remove fixed limit of results returned by secondary index query.
The limit was hard-coded to 1000 results, which overrode the value set in
the global query limit capability.
* Don't require secondary index when running server in daemon mode.
The server failed to start if a secondary index was not present when starting
the daemon in slave mode.
Now the daemon can be started in slave mode without requiring the index
to be present.
The reindex program and the ssh query command are no longer available on
a server that is running in slave mode.
* Add full names for options on list groups REST API.
* Add full names for options on list projects REST API.
* link:[Issue 2878]:
Make `-S` an alias of `--start` in changes query REST API.
* Run change hooks and ref-updated events after indexing is done.
The change hooks and ref-updated events were run parallel to the change
(re)indexing. This meant that the event-stream sent events to the clients
before the change indexing was finished.
* link:[Issue 2877]:
Fix NullPointerException when ReviewInput's message is empty.
* link:[Issue 2500],
link:[Issue 1748]:
Fix replication of tags.
* Fix NullPointerException in `/projects/{name}/children?recursive` when a
project has a parent project that is does not exist.
* Fix NullPointerException when submitting review with inline comments via REST.
* Improve error logging in MergeabilityChecker.
* Gracefully skip mergeability checking on broken changes.
* link:[Issue 2861]:
Replace "line" with "end_line" when range is given in inline comment.
Also update the documentation with an example of a range comment.
* Fix mutual exclusivity of --delete and --submit review command options.
* link:[Issue 2848]:
Add support for CSharp syntax highlighting.
* link:[Issue 2831]:
Add missing call to ref-updated hook for submodule updates.
* link:[Issue 2773]
Fix stale dates in committer field.
* Prevent NullPointerException when trying to add an account that doesn't
exist as a reviewer.
* Fix potential NullPointerException in cherry-pick submit strategy.
* Add `--start` option to skip changes in ssh `query` command.
* Fix loading of javascript plugins when using non-root Gerrit URLs.
When Gerrit is not on the root URL path the javascript plugins failed to
load because of the exact matching required on the request URL.
* link:[Issue 2279]:
Display parents for all changes, not only merge commits.
In the new change screen the parent commit is now also shown for regular
commits, as well as merge commits. This makes it consistent with the old
change screen.
* Fix handling of permissions for user-specific refs.
Push permission granted on a ref using the `${username}` placeholder, for
example `refs/heads/users/${username}/*`, was not honored if this was the
only ref on which the user had push permission.