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= Release notes for Gerrit 2.12.5
Gerrit 2.12.5 is now available:
== Schema Upgrade
*WARNING:* There are no schema changes from link:ReleaseNotes-2.12.4.html[
2.12.4] but a manual schema upgrade is necessary when upgrading from 2.12.
When upgrading a site that is already running version 2.12, the `patch_sets`
table must be manually migrated using the `gerrit gsql` SSH command or the
`gqsl` site program.
For the default H2 database, execute the command:
alter table patch_sets modify push_certficate clob;
For MySQL, execute the command:
alter table patch_sets modify push_certficate text;
For PostgreSQL, execute the command:
alter table patch_sets alter column push_certficate type text;
For other database types, execute the appropriate equivalent command.
Note that the misspelled `push_certficate` is the actual name of the
When upgrading from a version earlier than 2.12, or from 2.12.1 or 2.12.2
having already done the migration, this manual step is not necessary and
should be omitted.
== Known Issues
* link:[Issue 4323]:
'value too long for type character varying(255)' in patch_sets table when
migrating to schema version 108.
This error may occur under some circumstances when running the schema
migration from an earlier version of Gerrit.
On sites where this occurs, it can be fixed with a manual schema update
according to the comments in the issue.
== New Features
* New preference to enable line wrapping in diff screen and inline editor.
== Bug Fixes
* Fix the diff and edit preference dialogs for smaller screens.
On smaller screens the options at the bottom of the dialogs would
get cut off, making it difficult to change them.
* link:[Issue 4521]:
Fix internal server error during validation of email addresses.
When creating a new account or adding a new email address to an existing
account, the email validation crashed.
* Lucene stability improvements.
Each Lucene index is now written using a dedicated background thread. Lucene
threads may not be cancelled, to prevent interruptions while writing.
* Don't try to change username that is already set.
Since Gerrit version 2.1.4 it is not allowed to change the username once
it has been set, and attempting to do so results in an exception.
If `ldap.accountSshUserName` is set in the `gerrit.config` using
`${userPrincipalName.localPart}` to initialize the username from the user's
email address, and then the email address is changed, the username gets
resolved to something different and the account manager tried to change it.
As a result, an exception was raised and the user could no longer log in.
Instead of trying to change the username, a warning is logged.
* link:[Issue 4006]:
Prevent search limit parameter from exceeding maximum integer value.
* Fix internal server error when generating task names.
* Print proper names for query tasks in the output of the `show-queue` command.
* Double-check change status when auto-abandoning changes.
It was possible that changes could be updated in the time between the query
results being returned and the change being abandoned.