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= Release notes for Gerrit 2.12.4
Gerrit 2.12.4 is now available:
== Schema Upgrade
*WARNING:* There are no schema changes from link:ReleaseNotes-2.12.3.html[
2.12.3] but a manual schema upgrade is necessary when upgrading from 2.12.
When upgrading a site that is already running version 2.12, the `patch_sets`
table must be manually migrated using the `gerrit gsql` SSH command or the
`gqsl` site program.
For the default H2 database, execute the command:
alter table patch_sets modify push_certficate clob;
For MySQL, execute the command:
alter table patch_sets modify push_certficate text;
For PostgreSQL, execute the command:
alter table patch_sets alter column push_certficate type text;
For other database types, execute the appropriate equivalent command.
Note that the misspelled `push_certficate` is the actual name of the
When upgrading from a version earlier than 2.12, or from 2.12.1 or 2.12.2
having already done the migration, this manual step is not necessary and
should be omitted.
== Known Issues
* link:[Issue 4323]:
'value too long for type character varying(255)' in patch_sets table when
migrating to schema version 108.
This error may occur under some circumstances when running the schema
migration from an earlier version of Gerrit.
On sites where this occurs, it can be fixed with a manual schema update
according to the comments in the issue.
== Bug Fixes
* link:[Issue 4400]:
Fix `AlreadyClosedException` in Lucene index.
If a Lucene indexing thread was interrupted by an SSH connection being
closed, this would also close file handles being used to read the index.
Lucene queries are now executed on background threads to isolate them
from SSH threads.
This may also reduce latency for user dashboards on a multi-core system as
each query for the different sections can now run on separate threads and
return results when ready.
* link:[Issue 4249]:
Fix 'Duplicate stages not allowed' error during indexing.
* link:[Issue 4238]:
Fix 'not found' error when browsing tree in gitweb.
The `refs/heads/` prefix was incorrectly being added to `HEAD`, causing a
'404 Not Found' error.
* Allow to read repositories that do not end with `.git`.
* link:[Issue 4262]:
Fix GPG push certificate for first patch set of new changes.
The GPG certificate was not being set for the first patch set of new
* link:[Issue 4296]:
Fix internal error when a query does not contain any token.
* link:[Issue 4241]:
Fix 'Cannot format velocity template' error when sending notification emails.
* Fix `sshd.idleTimeout` setting being ignored.
The `sshd.idleTimeout` setting was not being correctly set on the SSHD
backend, causing idle sessions to not time out.
* link:[Issue 4324]:
Set the correct uploader on new patch sets created via the inline editor.
* Log a warning instead of failing when invalid commentlinks are configured.
* link:[Issue 4136]:
Fix support for `HEAD` requests in the REST API.
Sending a `HEAD` request failed with '404 Not Found'.
* Return proper error response when trying to confirm an email that is already
used by another user.
* link:[Issue 4318]
Fix 'Rebase if Necessary' merge strategy to prevent introducing a duplicate
commit when submitting a merge commit.
* link:[Issue 4332]:
Allow `local` as a valid TLD for outgoing emails.
* Bypass hostname verification when `sendemail.sslVerify` is disabled.
* link:[Issue 4398]:
Replication: Consider ref visibility when scheduling replication.
It was possible for refs to be replicated to remotes despite not being
visible to groups mentioned in the `authGroup` setting.
* link:[Issue 4036]:
Fix hanging query when using `is:watched` without authentication.