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= Release notes for Gerrit 2.11.8
Gerrit 2.11.8 is now available:
There are no schema changes from link:ReleaseNotes-2.11.7.html[2.11.7].
== Bug Fixes
* Upgrade Apache commons-collections to version 3.2.2.
Includes a fix for a link:[
remote code execution exploit].
* link:[Issue 1207]:
Fix keyboard shortcuts for non-US keyboards on side-by-side diff screen.
The forward/backward navigation keys `[` and `]` only worked on keyboards where
these characters could be typed without using any modifier key (like CTRL, ALT,
Note that the problem still exists on the unified diff screen.
* link:[Issue 3919]:
Explicitly set parent project to 'All-Projects' when a project is created
without giving the parent.
* Don't add message twice on abandon or restore via ssh review command.
When abandoning or reviewing a change via the ssh `review` command, and
providing a message with the `--message` option, the message was added to
the change twice.
* Clear the input box after cancelling add reviewer action.
When the action was cancelled, the content of the input box was still
there when opening it again.
* Fix internal server error when aborting ssh command.