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= Release notes for Gerrit 2.11.10
Gerrit 2.11.10 is now available:
There are no schema changes from link:ReleaseNotes-2.11.9.html[2.11.9].
== Bug Fixes
* Fix synchronization of Myers diff and Histogram diff invocations.
The fix for
link:[Issue 3361]
that was included in Gerrit versions 2.10.7 and 2.11.4 introduced a
regression that prevented more than one file header diff from being
computed at the same time across the entire server.
* Fix `sshd.idleTimeout` setting being ignored.
The `sshd.idleTimeout` setting was not being correctly set on the SSHD
backend, causing idle sessions to not time out.
* Add the correct license for AsciiDoctor.
AsciiDoctor is licensed under the MIT License, not Apache2 as previously