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= Release notes for Gerrit 2.11.1
Gerrit 2.11.1 is now available:
Gerrit 2.11.1 includes the bug fixes done with
link:ReleaseNotes-2.10.4.html[Gerrit 2.10.4] and
link:ReleaseNotes-2.10.5.html[Gerrit 2.10.5]. These bug fixes are *not* listed
in these release notes.
There are no schema changes from link:ReleaseNotes-2.11.html[2.11].
== New Features
* link:[Issue 321]:
Use in-memory Lucene index for a better reviewer suggestion.
Instead of a linear full text search through a list of accounts, use an
in-memory Lucene index. The index is periodically refreshed. The refresh period
is configurable via the
suggest.fullTextSearchRefresh] parameter.
== Bug Fixes
=== Performance
* link:[Issue 3363]:
Fix performance degrade in background mergeability checks.
When neither `index.batchThreads` nor `changeMerge.threadPoolSize` was defined,
the background mergeability check fell back to using an interactive executor.
This led to a severe performance degradation during git push operations because
the `ref-update` listener was reindexing all open changes on the target branch
interactively. The degradation increased linearly with number of open changes on
the target branch.
Now, instead of indexing interactively, it falls back to a batch thread pool
with the number of available logical CPUs.
* Reduce unnecessary database access when querying changes.
Searching for changes was retrieving more information than necessary from the
database. This has been optimized to reduce database access and make better use
of the secondary index.
* Remove unnecessary REST API call when opening the 'Patch Sets' drop down.
The change edit information was being loaded twice.
=== Index
* Fix `PatchLineCommentsUtil.draftByChangeAuthor`.
There is not a native index for this, and the ReviewDb case was not properly
filtering a result by change.
* Don't show stack trace when failing to build BloomFilter during reindex.
=== Permissions
* Require 'View Plugins' capability to list plugins through SSH.
The 'View Plugins' capability was required to list plugins through the REST API,
but not through SSH.
* Fix project creation with plugin config if user is not project owner.
On project creation it is possible to specify plugin configuration values that
should be stored in the `project.config` file. This failed if the calling user
was not becoming owner of the created project, because only project owners can
edit the `project.config` file.
=== Change Screen / Diff / Inline Edit
* link:[Issue 3191]:
Always show 'Not Current' as state when looking at old patch set.
For merged changes it was confusing for users to see the status as 'Merged' when
they look at an old patch set.
* link:[Issue 3337]:
Reenable 'Revert' button when revert is cancelled.
* link:[Issue 3378]:
Improve the cursor style in side-by-side diff and inline editor.
The cursor style is changed from an underscore to a solid vertical bar.
In the side-by-side diff, the cursor is placed on the first column of the diff,
rather than at the end.
=== Web Container
* Fix `gc_log` when running in a web container.
All logs supposed to be in the `gc_log` file were ending up in the main log
instead when deploying Gerrit in a web container.
* Fix binding of SecureStore modules.
The SecureStore modules were not correctly added when Gerrit was deployed in a
web container with the site path configured using the `gerrit.site_path`
=== Plugins
* link:[Issue 3310]:
Fix disabling plugins when Gerrit is running on Windows.
When running Gerrit on Windows it was not possible to disable a plugin due to an
error renaming the plugin's JAR file.
* Replication
** Fix creation of missing repositories.
Missing projects were not being created on the destination.
** Emit replication status events after initial full sync.
When `replicateOnStartup` is enabled, the plugin was not emitting the status
events after the initial sync.
=== Miscellaneous
* link:[Issue 3328]:
Allow to push a tag that points to a non-commit object.
When pushing a tag that points to a non-commit object, like
`v2.6.11` on linux-stable] which points to a tree, or
`spearce-gpg-pub` on jgit] which points to a blob, Gerrit rejected the push with
the error message 'missing object(s)'.
* link:[Issue 3323]:
Fix internal server error when cloning from a slave while hiding some refs.
* link:[Issue 3342]:
Log `IOException` on failure to update project configuration.
Without logging these exceptions it's hard to guess why the update of the
project configuration is failing.
* Remove temporary GitWeb config on Gerrit exit.
A temporary directory was being created but not removed.
* link:[Issue 2791]:
Fix email validation for new TLDs such as `.systems`.
* Assume change kind is 'rework' if `LargeObjectException` occurs.
=== Documentation
* link:[Issue 3325]:
Add missing `--newrev` parameter to the
change-merged hook documentation].
* link:[Issue 3346]:
Fix typo in the
Apache 2 configuration documentation].
* Fix incorrect documentatation of
auth types].
== Updates
* Update CodeMirror to 5.0.
* Update commons-validator to 1.4.1.