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= Release notes for Gerrit
Gerrit is now available in the usual location:
== Bug Fixes
* issue 528 gsql: Fix escaping of quotes in JSON
JSON output was not properly escaped, due to a bug in the underlying
Gson library. Fixed by upgrading.
* issue 531 commit-msg: Fix jumbling of URL at end of message
URLs at the end of a commit message sometimes caused the Change-Id
to be inserted above the URL, rather than below it. Fixed, but
users will need to recopy the hook to their local repositories.
* issue 538 create-project: Don't destroy description of repository
If the repository `foo` existed without the standard `.git` suffix,
executing `gerrit create-project -n foo` trashed the description
file that existed in `foo`, while also creating a useless sibling
directory called `foo.git`. Fixed by detecting the existing `foo`
during create-project and refusing to continue.
* issue 521 Use OpenID PAPE extension to force reauthentication
The new configuration parameter auth.maxOpenIdSessionAge is now
sent as part of OpenID authentication requests, encouraging the
provider to verify the user's password.
* issue 507 Enter on auto-complete causes application error
Pressing enter while the auto-complete box was open inside of
the project watch panel or the project rights panel caused an
application error. Fixed.
* Advertise our relying party XRDS document
The OpenID 2.0 specification requests relying parties to document
themselves, so the provider can verify the request is authentic
for this domain. Document Gerrit's requests in the standard XRDS
format, and advertise it properly. This hides warnings during the
Yahoo! provider's login process.
* Don't allow OWN to be inherited from All Projects
The project Owner permission was accidentally inherited from the
magical All Projects in certain cases. This was not meant to happen,
ownership cannot be inherited down. Fortunately we didn't permit
the Owner permission to be added to All Projects, so this was not
likely to have occurred in real installations.
* Traverse all LDAP groups that a user is member of
* Expand LDAP groups only if accountMemberField set
Fixes traversal of groups on an Active Directory server, ensuring
that the user's grandparent groups are available to Gerrit as part
of their user session.
* Serve gitweb.js when serving gitweb.cgi
Recent versions of gitweb have a JavaScript asset which provides
additional features. Make sure that is served to browsers, in
addition to the CSS and logo image.
* Allow gitweb assets to be cached by browser
Browsers were always loading the gitweb assets on each request,
as no caching data was made available to them. Now assets are
cached for up to 5 minutes, and 304 Not Modified replies can be
sent when the assets haven't changed.
* Define a toString for PatchListKey to improve errors
Minor bug fix to improve the level of detail that is available when
the server is unable to difference two patch sets on demand for a
user request.