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= Release notes for Gerrit 2.0.17
Gerrit 2.0.17 is now available in the usual location:
== Schema Change
*WARNING: This version contains a schema change* (since 2.0.16)
Apply the database specific schema script:
java -jar gerrit.war --cat sql/upgrade014_015_part1_postgres.sql | psql reviewdb
java -jar gerrit.war --cat sql/upgrade014_015_part1_mysql.sql | mysql reviewdb
After the upgrade is successful, apply the final script to drop dead columns:
java -jar gerrit.war --cat sql/upgrade014_015_part2.sql | psql reviewdb
java -jar gerrit.war --cat sql/upgrade014_015_part2.sql | mysql reviewdb
== New Features
* Add '[' and ']' shortcuts to PatchScreen.
The keys '[' and ']' can be used to navigate to previous and next file in a patch set.
* GERRIT-241 Always show History panel in PatchScreen
The History panel in a patch screen is now always shown, even if there is only one patch set for this file. This permits viewing the number of comments more easily when navigating through files with ']'.
* Add 'Reply' button to comments on diff screen
There is now a 'Reply' button on the last comment, making it easier to create a new comment to reply to a prior comment on the same line. However, Gerrit still does not quote the prior comment when you reply to it.
* GERRIT-228 Apply syntax highlighting when showing file content
Files are now syntax highlighted. The following languages are supported, keyed from common file extensions: C (and friends), Java, Python, Bash, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, and Makefiles.
* GERRIT-139 Allow to enable viewing files
The new configuration option can be set to enable unzipped download of a file, for example a Microsoft Word document. See for examples.
* GERRIT-179 Display images inline for compare if mimetype.image/*....
If mimetype.image/ is true images can be viewed inline in order to more easily visually compare them when an image is modified. Primarily useful for viewing icons in an icon library.
* File review status tracking.
Per-user green check marks now appear when you view a file. This makes it easier to keep track of which patch set you last looked at, and within a patch set, which files you have looked at, and which ones you have not.
* GERRIT-247 Allow multiple groups to own a project
The owner of a project was moved from the General tab to the Access Rights tab, under a new category called Owner. This permits multiple groups to be designated the Owner of the project (simply grant Owner status to each group).
== Bug Fixes
* Permit author Signed-off-by to be optional
If a project requires Signed-off-by tags to appear the author tag is now optional, only the committer/uploader must provide a Signed-off-by tag.
* GERRIT-197 Move 'f' and 'u' navigation to PatchScreen
The 'f' and 'u' keystrokes in a patch screen were disabled when there were no differences to view. This was fixed, they are now always available.
* Remove annoying 'no differences' error dialog
* GERRIT-248 Fix server crash when showing no difference
The "No Differences" error dialog has been removed. Instead the "No Differences" message is displayed in the patch screen. This makes navigation through a pair of patch sets easier with ']' (no dialog stopping to interrupt you when you encounter a file that has not changed and has no comments).
* GERRIT-244 Always enable Save button on comment editors
Some WebKit based browsers (Apple Safari, Google Chrome) didn't always enable the Save button when selecting a word and deleting it from a comment editor. This is a bug in the browser, it doesn't send an event to the Gerrit UI. As a workaround the Save button is now just always enabled.
* GERRIT-206 Permit showing changes to gitlinks (aka submodule poin...
You can now view a change made to a gitlink (aka a submodule path).
* GERRIT-171 Don't crash the submit queue when a change is a criss-...
Instead of crashing on a criss-cross merge case, Gerrit unsubmits the change and attaches a message, like it does when it encounters a path conflict.
== Other Changes
* Start 2.0.17 development
* Move '[' and ']' key bindings to Navigation category
* Use gwtexpui 1.1.2-SNAPSHOT to fix navigation keys
* A few Javadocs and toString() methods for Patch and Pa...
* Merge change 10646
* Include the mime-util library to guess file MIME types
* Merge change 10667
* Added missing access method for accountPatchReviews
* Fix bad upgrade014_015 ALTER TABLE command
* GERRIT-245 Update PatchBrowserPopup when reviewed status is modif...
* Remove DiffCacheContent.isNoDifference
* Fix upgrade014_015 part1 scripts WHERE clause
* Don't allow users to amend commits made by Gerrit Code...
* Fix bad formatting in UnifiedDiffTable appendImgTag
* GERRIT-228 Add google-code-prettify 21-May-2009 version
* GERRIT-228 Load Google prettify JavaScript into client
* Fix formatting errors in PatchScreen
* Remove unused imports
* GERRIT-250 Fix syntax highlighting of multi-line comments
* Use gwtexpui 1.1.2
* gerrit 2.0.17