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* @license
* Copyright (C) 2020 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
import {EventApi} from '@polymer/polymer/lib/legacy/polymer.dom';
import {PatchSetNum, UrlEncodedCommentId} from './common';
import {UIComment} from '../utils/comment-util';
import {FetchRequest} from './types';
import {MovedLinkClickedEventDetail} from '../api/diff';
import {Category, RunStatus} from '../api/checks';
import {ChangeMessage} from '../elements/change/gr-message/gr-message';
export enum EventType {
CHANGE_MESSAGE_DELETED = 'change-message-deleted',
DIALOG_CHANGE = 'dialog-change',
EDITABLE_CONTENT_SAVE = 'editable-content-save',
GR_RPC_LOG = 'gr-rpc-log',
LOCATION_CHANGE = 'location-change',
IRON_ANNOUNCE = 'iron-announce',
MOVED_LINK_CLICKED = 'moved-link-clicked',
NETWORK_ERROR = 'network-error',
OPEN_FIX_PREVIEW = 'open-fix-preview',
PAGE_ERROR = 'page-error',
RELOAD = 'reload',
REPLY = 'reply',
SERVER_ERROR = 'server-error',
SHORTCUT_TRIGGERERD = 'shortcut-triggered',
SHOW_ALERT = 'show-alert',
SHOW_ERROR = 'show-error',
SHOW_PRIMARY_TAB = 'show-primary-tab',
SHOW_SECONDARY_TAB = 'show-secondary-tab',
THREAD_LIST_MODIFIED = 'thread-list-modified',
TITLE_CHANGE = 'title-change',
declare global {
interface HTMLElementEventMap {
'change-message-deleted': ChangeMessageDeletedEvent;
'dialog-change': DialogChangeEvent;
'editable-content-save': EditableContentSaveEvent;
'location-change': LocationChangeEvent;
'iron-announce': IronAnnounceEvent;
'moved-link-clicked': MovedLinkClickedEvent;
'open-fix-preview': OpenFixPreviewEvent;
/* prettier-ignore */
'reload': ReloadEvent;
/* prettier-ignore */
'reply': ReplyEvent;
'shortcut-triggered': ShortcutTriggeredEvent;
'show-alert': ShowAlertEvent;
'show-error': ShowErrorEvent;
'show-primary-tab': SwitchTabEvent;
'show-secondary-tab': SwitchTabEvent;
'thread-list-modified': ThreadListModifiedEvent;
'title-change': TitleChangeEvent;
declare global {
interface DocumentEventMap {
'gr-rpc-log': RpcLogEvent;
'network-error': NetworkErrorEvent;
'page-error': PageErrorEvent;
'server-error': ServerErrorEvent;
'show-alert': ShowAlertEvent;
'show-error': ShowErrorEvent;
export interface ChangeMessageDeletedEventDetail {
message: ChangeMessage;
export type ChangeMessageDeletedEvent = CustomEvent<
// TODO(milutin) - remove once new gr-dialog will do it out of the box
// This informs gr-app-element to remove footer, header from a11y tree
export interface DialogChangeEventDetail {
canceled?: boolean;
opened?: boolean;
export type DialogChangeEvent = CustomEvent<DialogChangeEventDetail>;
export interface EditableContentSaveEventDetail {
content: string;
export type EditableContentSaveEvent = CustomEvent<
export interface RpcLogEventDetail {
status: number | null;
method: string;
elapsed: number;
anonymizedUrl: string;
export type RpcLogEvent = CustomEvent<RpcLogEventDetail>;
export interface IronAnnounceEventDetail {
text: string;
export type IronAnnounceEvent = CustomEvent<IronAnnounceEventDetail>;
export interface LocationChangeEventDetail {
hash: string;
pathname: string;
export type LocationChangeEvent = CustomEvent<LocationChangeEventDetail>;
export type MovedLinkClickedEvent = CustomEvent<MovedLinkClickedEventDetail>;
export interface NetworkErrorEventDetail {
error: Error;
export type NetworkErrorEvent = CustomEvent<NetworkErrorEventDetail>;
export interface OpenFixPreviewEventDetail {
patchNum?: PatchSetNum;
comment?: UIComment;
export type OpenFixPreviewEvent = CustomEvent<OpenFixPreviewEventDetail>;
export interface PageErrorEventDetail {
response?: Response;
export type PageErrorEvent = CustomEvent<PageErrorEventDetail>;
export interface ReloadEventDetail {
clearPatchset: boolean;
export type ReloadEvent = CustomEvent<ReloadEventDetail>;
export interface ReplyEventDetail {
message: ChangeMessage;
export type ReplyEvent = CustomEvent<ReplyEventDetail>;
export interface ServerErrorEventDetail {
request?: FetchRequest;
response: Response;
export type ServerErrorEvent = CustomEvent<ServerErrorEventDetail>;
export interface ShortcutTriggeredEventDetail {
event: CustomKeyboardEvent;
goKey: boolean;
vKey: boolean;
export type ShortcutTriggeredEvent = CustomEvent<ShortcutTriggeredEventDetail>;
export interface ShowAlertEventDetail {
message: string;
dismissOnNavigation?: boolean;
showDismiss?: boolean;
action?: string;
callback?: () => void;
export type ShowAlertEvent = CustomEvent<ShowAlertEventDetail>;
export interface ShowErrorEventDetail {
message: string;
export type ShowErrorEvent = CustomEvent<ShowErrorEventDetail>;
// Type for the custom event to switch tab.
export interface SwitchTabEventDetail {
// name of the tab to set as active, from custom event
tab?: string;
// index of tab to set as active, from paper-tabs event
value?: number;
// scroll into the tab afterwards, from custom event
scrollIntoView?: boolean;
// define state of tab after opening
tabState?: TabState;
export interface TabState {
commentTab?: CommentTabState;
checksTab?: ChecksTabState;
export enum CommentTabState {
UNRESOLVED = 'unresolved',
DRAFTS = 'drafts',
SHOW_ALL = 'show all',
export interface ChecksTabState {
statusOrCategory?: RunStatus | Category;
checkName?: string;
export type SwitchTabEvent = CustomEvent<SwitchTabEventDetail>;
export interface ThreadListModifiedDetail {
rootId: UrlEncodedCommentId;
path: string;
export type ThreadListModifiedEvent = CustomEvent<ThreadListModifiedDetail>;
export interface TitleChangeEventDetail {
title: string;
export type TitleChangeEvent = CustomEvent<TitleChangeEventDetail>;
* Keyboard events emitted from polymer elements.
export interface CustomKeyboardEvent extends CustomEvent, EventApi {
event: CustomKeyboardEvent;
detail: {
keyboardEvent?: CustomKeyboardEvent;
// TODO(TS): maybe should mark as optional and check before accessing
key: string;
readonly altKey: boolean;
readonly changedTouches: TouchList;
readonly ctrlKey: boolean;
readonly metaKey: boolean;
readonly shiftKey: boolean;
readonly keyCode: number;
readonly repeat: boolean;