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= prohibited by Gerrit
This is a general error message that is returned by Gerrit if a push
is not allowed, e.g. because the pushing user has no sufficient
In particular this error occurs:
1. if you push a commit for code review to a branch for which you
don't have upload permissions (access right
link:access-control.html#category_push_review['Push'] on
2. if you bypass code review without
link:access-control.html#category_push_direct['Push'] access right
on `+refs/heads/*+`
3. if you bypass code review pushing to a non-existing branch without
link:access-control.html#category_create['Create Reference'] access
right on `+refs/heads/*+`
4. if you push an annotated tag without
link:access-control.html#category_create_annotated['Create Annotated Tag']
access right on `+refs/tags/*+`
5. if you push a signed tag without
link:access-control.html#category_create_signed['Create Signed Tag']
access right on `+refs/tags/*+`
6. if you push a lightweight tag without the access right link:access-control.html#category_create['Create
Reference'] for the reference name `+refs/tags/*+`
7. if you push a tag with somebody else as tagger and you don't have the
link:access-control.html#category_forge_committer['Forge Committer']
access right for the reference name `+refs/tags/*+`
8. if you push to a project that is in state 'Read Only'
For new users it often happens that they accidentally try to bypass
code review. The push then fails with the error message 'prohibited
by Gerrit' because the project didn't allow to bypass code review.
Bypassing the code review is done by pushing directly to `+refs/heads/*+`
(e.g. `refs/heads/master`) instead of pushing to `+refs/for/*+` (e.g.
`refs/for/master`). Details about how to push commits for code review
are explained link:user-upload.html#push_create[here].
Part of link:error-messages.html[Gerrit Error Messages]