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= git-receive-pack
git-receive-pack - Receive what is pushed into the repository.
_git receive-pack_
[--reviewer <address> | --re <address>]
[--cc <address>]
Invoked by 'git push' and updates the project's repository with
the information fed from the 'git push' end.
End users can supply options to this command by passing them through
to 'git push', which will relay them automatically.
The remote repository that will receive the pushed objects,
and create (or update) changes. Within Gerrit Code Review
this is the name of a project. The optional leading `/`
and or trailing `.git` suffix will be removed, if supplied.
--reviewer <address>::
--re <address>::
Automatically add <address> as a reviewer to any change.
Deprecated, use `refs/for/branch%r=address` instead.
--cc <address>::
Carbon-copy <address> on the created or updated changes.
Deprecated, use `refs/for/branch%cc=address` instead.
Any user who has SSH access to Gerrit.
Send a review for a change on the master branch to
git push ssh:// HEAD:refs/for/
Send reviews, but tagging them with the topic name 'bug42':
git push ssh:// HEAD:refs/for/,topic=bug42
Also CC two other parties:
git push ssh:// HEAD:refs/for/,,
Configure a push macro to perform the last action:
git config remote.charlie.url ssh://
git config remote.charlie.push HEAD:refs/for/,,
afterwards `.git/config` contains the following:
[remote "charlie"]
url = ssh://
push = HEAD:refs/for/,,
and now sending a new change for review to charlie, CC'ing both
alice and bob is much easier:
git push charlie
* link:user-upload.html[Uploading Changes]
Part of link:index.html[Gerrit Code Review]