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// Copyright (C) 2019 The Android Open Source Project
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
import * as fs from "fs";
import * as path from "path";
import {LegacyPolymerComponent, LegacyPolymerComponentParser} from './funcToClassConversion/polymerComponentParser';
import {ClassBasedPolymerElement} from './funcToClassConversion/polymerElementBuilder';
import {PolymerFuncToClassBasedConverter} from './funcToClassConversion/funcToClassBasedElementConverter';
import {LegacyPolymerFuncReplacer} from './funcToClassConversion/legacyPolymerFuncReplacer';
import {UpdatedFileWriter} from './funcToClassConversion/updatedFileWriter';
import {CommandLineParser} from './utils/commandLineParser';
interface UpdaterParameters {
htmlFiles: Set<string>;
jsFiles: Set<string>;
out: string;
inplace: boolean;
writeOutput: boolean;
rootDir: string;
interface InputFilesFilter {
includeDir(path: string): boolean;
includeFile(path: string): boolean;
function addFile(filePath: string, params: UpdaterParameters, filter: InputFilesFilter) {
const parsedPath = path.parse(filePath);
const ext = parsedPath.ext.toLowerCase();
const relativePath = path.relative(params.rootDir, filePath);
if(!filter.includeFile(relativePath)) return;
if(relativePath.startsWith("../")) {
throw new Error(`${filePath} is not in rootDir ${params.rootDir}`);
if(ext === ".html") {
} if(ext === ".js") {
function addDirectory(dirPath: string, params: UpdaterParameters, recursive: boolean, filter: InputFilesFilter): void {
const entries = fs.readdirSync(dirPath, {withFileTypes: true});
for(const entry of entries) {
const dirEnt = entry as fs.Dirent;
const fullPath = path.join(dirPath,;
const relativePath = path.relative(params.rootDir, fullPath);
if(dirEnt.isDirectory()) {
if (!filter.includeDir(relativePath)) continue;
if(recursive) {
addDirectory(fullPath, params, recursive, filter);
else if(dirEnt.isFile()) {
addFile(fullPath, params, filter);
} else {
throw Error(`Unsupported dir entry '${}' in '${fullPath}'`);
async function updateLegacyComponent(component: LegacyPolymerComponent, params: UpdaterParameters) {
const classBasedElement: ClassBasedPolymerElement = PolymerFuncToClassBasedConverter.convert(component);
const replacer = new LegacyPolymerFuncReplacer(component);
const replaceResult = replacer.replace(classBasedElement);
try {
const writer = new UpdatedFileWriter(component, params);
writer.write(replaceResult, classBasedElement.eventsComments, classBasedElement.generatedComments);
finally {
async function main() {
const params: UpdaterParameters = await getParams();
if(params.jsFiles.size === 0) {
console.log("No files found");
const legacyPolymerComponentParser = new LegacyPolymerComponentParser(params.rootDir, params.htmlFiles)
for(const jsFile of params.jsFiles) {
console.log(`Processing ${jsFile}`);
const legacyComponent = await legacyPolymerComponentParser.parse(jsFile);
if(legacyComponent) {
await updateLegacyComponent(legacyComponent, params);
interface CommandLineParameters {
src: string[];
recursive: boolean;
excludes: string[];
out: string;
inplace: boolean;
noOutput: boolean;
rootDir: string;
async function getParams(): Promise<UpdaterParameters> {
const parser = new CommandLineParser({
src: CommandLineParser.createStringArrayOption("src", ".js file or folder to process", []),
recursive: CommandLineParser.createBooleanOption("r", "process folder recursive", false),
excludes: CommandLineParser.createStringArrayOption("exclude", "List of file prefixes to exclude. If relative file path starts with one of the prefixes, it will be excluded", []),
out: CommandLineParser.createStringOption("out", "Output folder.", null),
rootDir: CommandLineParser.createStringOption("root", "Root directory for src files", "/"),
inplace: CommandLineParser.createBooleanOption("i", "Update files inplace", false),
noOutput: CommandLineParser.createBooleanOption("noout", "Do everything, but do not write anything to files", false),
const commandLineParams: CommandLineParameters = parser.parse(process.argv) as CommandLineParameters;
const params: UpdaterParameters = {
htmlFiles: new Set(),
jsFiles: new Set(),
writeOutput: !commandLineParams.noOutput,
inplace: commandLineParams.inplace,
out: commandLineParams.out,
rootDir: path.resolve(commandLineParams.rootDir)
if(params.writeOutput && !params.inplace && !params.out) {
throw new Error("You should specify output directory (--out directory_name)");
const filter = new ExcludeFilesFilter(commandLineParams.excludes);
for(const srcPath of commandLineParams.src) {
const resolvedPath = path.resolve(params.rootDir, srcPath);
if(fs.lstatSync(resolvedPath).isFile()) {
addFile(resolvedPath, params, filter);
} else {
addDirectory(resolvedPath, params, commandLineParams.recursive, filter);
return params;
class ExcludeFilesFilter implements InputFilesFilter {
public constructor(private readonly excludes: string[]) {
includeDir(path: string): boolean {
return this.excludes.every(exclude => !path.startsWith(exclude));
includeFile(path: string): boolean {
return this.excludes.every(exclude => !path.startsWith(exclude));
main().then(() => {
}).catch(e => {