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load("//tools/bzl:genrule2.bzl", "genrule2")
load("@npm//@bazel/rollup:index.bzl", "rollup_bundle")
def _get_ts_compiled_path(outdir, file_name):
"""Calculates the typescript output path for a file_name.
outdir: the typescript output directory (relative to polygerrit-ui/app/)
file_name: the original file name (relative to polygerrit-ui/app/)
String - the path to the file produced by the typescript compiler
if file_name.endswith(".js"):
return outdir + "/" + file_name
if file_name.endswith(".ts"):
return outdir + "/" + file_name[:-2] + "js"
fail("The file " + file_name + " has unsupported extension")
def _get_ts_output_files(outdir, srcs):
"""Calculates the files paths produced by the typescript compiler
outdir: the typescript output directory (relative to polygerrit-ui/app/)
srcs: list of input files (all paths relative to polygerrit-ui/app/)
List of strings
result = []
for f in srcs:
if f.endswith(".d.ts"):
result.append(_get_ts_compiled_path(outdir, f))
return result
def compile_ts(name, srcs, ts_outdir, additional_deps = [], ts_project = "tsconfig_bazel.json", emitJS = True, tags = []):
"""Compiles srcs files with the typescript compiler. The following
dependencies are always passed:
the file specified by the ts_project argument
If compilation succeed, the file name+".success" is created. This is useful
for wrapping compilation in bazel test rules.
name: rule name
srcs: list of input files (.js, .d.ts and .ts)
ts_outdir: typescript output directory; ignored if emitJS is True
additional_deps: list of additional dependencies for compilation
ts_project: the file with typescript project. If it extends another
typescript file, ensure that this other file is either in the default or
in the additional_deps dependencies.
emitJS: True - the rule generates JS output; otherwise(False) the rule
just run a compiler (for error checking)
The list of compiled JS files if emitJS is True; otherwise returns an
empty list
ts_rule_name = name + "_ts_compiled"
# List of files produced by the typescript compiler
generated_js = _get_ts_output_files(ts_outdir, srcs) if emitJS else []
all_srcs = srcs + [
] + [ts_project] + additional_deps
success_out = name + ".success"
# Run the compiler
name = ts_rule_name,
srcs = all_srcs,
outs = generated_js + [success_out],
cmd = " && ".join([
"$(location //tools/node_tools:tsc-bin) --project $(location :{})".format(ts_project) +
(" --outdir $(RULEDIR)/{}".format(ts_outdir) if emitJS else "") +
" --baseUrl ./external/ui_npm/node_modules/",
"touch $(location {})".format(success_out),
tools = ["//tools/node_tools:tsc-bin"],
tags = tags,
return generated_js
def polygerrit_bundle(name, srcs, outs, entry_point, app_name):
"""Build .zip bundle from source code
name: rule name
srcs: source files
outs: array with a single item - the output file name
entry_point: application js entry-point
app_name: defines the application name. Bundled js code is added to .zip
archive with this name.
name = app_name + "-full-src",
srcs = srcs + [
name = app_name + "-bundle-js",
srcs = [app_name + "-full-src"],
config_file = ":rollup.config.js",
entry_point = entry_point,
rollup_bin = "//tools/node_tools:rollup-bin",
sourcemap = "hidden",
deps = [
name = name + "_app_sources",
srcs = [
app_name + "-bundle-js.js",
name = name + "_css_sources",
srcs = native.glob(["styles/**/*.css"]),
name = name + "_top_sources",
srcs = [
# Preserve bower_components directory in the final directory layout to
# avoid plugins break
name = name,
srcs = [
name + "_app_sources",
name + "_css_sources",
name + "_top_sources",
outs = outs,
cmd = " && ".join([
"FONT_DIR=$$(dirname $(location @ui_npm//:node_modules/@polymer/font-roboto-local/package.json))/fonts",
"mkdir -p $$TMP/polygerrit_ui/{styles/themes,fonts/{roboto,robotomono},bower_components/{highlightjs,webcomponentsjs,resemblejs},elements}",
"for f in $(locations " + name + "_app_sources); do ext=$${f##*.}; cp -p $$f $$TMP/polygerrit_ui/elements/" + app_name + ".$$ext; done",
"cp $(locations //lib/fonts:robotofonts) $$TMP/polygerrit_ui/fonts/",
"for f in $(locations " + name + "_top_sources); do cp $$f $$TMP/polygerrit_ui/; done",
"for f in $(locations " + name + "_css_sources); do cp $$f $$TMP/polygerrit_ui/styles; done",
"for f in $(locations //lib/js:highlightjs__files); do cp $$f $$TMP/polygerrit_ui/bower_components/highlightjs/ ; done",
"cp $(location @ui_npm//:node_modules/@webcomponents/webcomponentsjs/webcomponents-lite.js) $$TMP/polygerrit_ui/bower_components/webcomponentsjs/webcomponents-lite.js",
"cp $(location @ui_npm//:node_modules/resemblejs/resemble.js) $$TMP/polygerrit_ui/bower_components/resemblejs/resemble.js",
"cp $$FONT_DIR/roboto/*.ttf $$TMP/polygerrit_ui/fonts/roboto/",
"cp $$FONT_DIR/robotomono/*.ttf $$TMP/polygerrit_ui/fonts/robotomono/",
"cd $$TMP",
"find . -exec touch -t 198001010000 '{}' ';'",
"zip -qr $$ROOT/$@ *",