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build --workspace_status_command="python3 ./tools/" --strategy=Closure=worker
build --repository_cache=~/.gerritcodereview/bazel-cache/repository
build --action_env=PATH
build --disk_cache=~/.gerritcodereview/bazel-cache/cas
build --java_toolchain //tools:error_prone_warnings_toolchain
# Enable strict_action_env flag to. For more information on this feature see
# This will be the new default behavior at some point (and the flag was flipped
# shortly in 0.21.0 - Remove
# this flag here once flipped in Bazel again.
build --incompatible_strict_action_env
# Workaround Bazel worker crash (remove after upgrading to 4.1.0)
build --experimental_worker_multiplex=false
test --build_tests_only
test --test_output=errors
import %workspace%/tools/remote-bazelrc