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= Gerrit Code Review - Error Messages
This page provides access to detailed explanations of Gerrit error
messages. For each error message it is explained why the error is
occurring and what can be done to solve it.
== Error Messages
* link:error-branch-not-found.html[branch ... not found]
* link:error-change-closed.html[change ... closed]
* link:error-commit-already-exists.html[commit already exists]
* link:error-contains-banned-commit.html[contains banned commit ...]
* link:error-has-duplicates.html[... has duplicates]
* link:error-invalid-author.html[invalid author]
* link:error-invalid-changeid-line.html[invalid Change-Id line format in commit message footer]
* link:error-invalid-committer.html[invalid committer]
* link:error-missing-changeid.html[missing Change-Id in commit message footer]
* link:error-changeid-above-footer.html[Change-Id must be in commit message footer]
* link:error-missing-subject.html[missing subject; Change-Id must be in commit message footer]
* link:error-multiple-changeid-lines.html[multiple Change-Id lines in commit message footer]
* link:error-no-common-ancestry.html[no common ancestry]
* link:error-no-new-changes.html[no new changes]
* link:error-non-fast-forward.html[non-fast forward]
* link:error-not-a-gerrit-administrator.html[Not a Gerrit administrator]
* link:error-not-permitted-to-create.html[Not permitted to create ...]
* link:error-not-signed-off-by.html[not Signed-off-by author/committer/uploader in commit message footer]
* link:error-not-valid-ref.html[not valid ref]
* link:error-change-upload-blocked.html[One or more refs/for/ names blocks change upload]
* link:error-permission-denied.html[Permission denied (publickey)]
* link:error-prohibited-by-gerrit.html[prohibited by Gerrit]
* link:error-project-not-found.html[Project not found: ...]
* link:error-same-change-id-in-multiple-changes.html[same Change-Id in multiple changes]
* link:error-too-many-commits.html[too many commits]
* link:error-upload-denied.html[Upload denied for project \'...']
* link:error-not-allowed-to-upload-merges.html[you are not allowed to upload merges]
== General Hints
* link:error-push-fails-due-to-commit-message.html[push fails due to commit message]
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