Merge "Change test API: Allow to specify uploader for new patch sets"
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 image::images/user-review-ui-change-metadata.png[width=600, link="images/user-review-ui-change-metadata.png"]
-- [[owner]]Owner/Uploader/Author/Committer
+- [[owner]]Owner/Uploader/Author/Committer:
 Owner is the person who created the change
@@ -170,11 +170,11 @@
 The SHA of the commit corresponding to the merged change on the destination
-- [[revert-created-as]]Revert (Created|Submitted) As
+- [[revert-created-as]]Revert (Created|Submitted) As:
 Points to the revert change, if one was created.
-- [[cherry-pick-of]]Cherry-pick of
+- [[cherry-pick-of]]Cherry-pick of:
 If the change was created as cherry-pick of some other change to a different
 branch, points to the original change.
@@ -207,7 +207,7 @@
 link:config-submit-requirements.html[Submit Requirement Configuration] page.
-=== Actions:
+=== Actions
 Actions buttons are at the top right and in the overflow menu.
 Depending on the change state and the permissions of the user, different
 actions are available on the change:
diff --git a/modules/jgit b/modules/jgit
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-Subproject commit 801a56b48a7fe3c6e171073211cc62194184fe79
+Subproject commit a1901305b26ed5e0116f138bc02837713d2cf5c3