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gerrit stream-events
gerrit stream-events - Monitor events occuring in real time
'ssh' -p <port> <host> 'gerrit stream-events'
Provides a portal into the major events occuring on the server,
outputing activity data in real-time to the client. Events are
filtered by the caller's access permissions, ensuring the caller
only receives events for changes they can view on the web, or in
the project repository.
Event output is in JSON, one event per line.
Any user who has configured an SSH key.
This command is intended to be used in scripts.
$ ssh -p 29418 gerrit stream-events
{"type":"comment-added",change:{"project":"tools/gerrit", ...}, ...}
{"type":"comment-added",change:{"project":"tools/gerrit", ...}, ...}
The JSON messages consist of nested objects referencing the *change*,
*patchset*, *account* involved, and other attributes as appropriate.
The currently supported message types are *patchset-added*,
*comment-added*, *change-merged*, and *change-abandoned*.
Note that any field may be missing in the JSON messages, so consumers of
this JSON stream should deal with that appropriately.
Patchset Added
type:: "patchset-added"
change:: <<change,change attribute>>
patchset:: <<patchset,patchset attribute>>
Change Abandoned
type:: "change-abandoned"
change:: <<change,change attribute>>
patchset:: <<patchset,patchset attribute>>
abandoner:: <<account,account attribute>>
Change Merged
type:: "change-merged"
change:: <<change,change attribute>>
patchset:: <<patchset,patchset attribute>>
submitter:: <<account,account attribute>>
Comment Added
type:: "comment-added"
change:: <<change,change attribute>>
patchset:: <<patchset,patchset attribute>>
author:: <<account,account attribute>>
comment:: Comment text author had written
Attributes are part events to give context related to the event.
change:: The Gerrit change the event is related to
project;; Project path in Gerrit
branch;; Branch name within project
id;; Change identifier
number;; Change number (deprecated)
subject;; Description of change
owner;; Owner in account attribute
url;; Canonical URL to reach this change
account:: An account that is related to an event or attribute
name;; Account user's full name
email;; Account user's preferred email
patchset:: Refers to a specific patchset within a change
number;; The patchset number
revision;; Git commit-ish for this patchset
* link:access-control.html[Access Controls]
Part of link:index.html[Gerrit Code Review]