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* @license
* Copyright 2020 Google LLC
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
// @ts-ignore: Bazel is not yet configured to download the types
import pagejs from 'page';
// Reexport page.js. To make it work rollup patches page.js and replace "this"
// to "window". Otherwise, it can't assign global property. We can't import
// page.mjs because typescript doesn't support mjs extensions
export interface Page {
(pattern: string | RegExp, ...pageCallback: PageCallback[]): void;
(pageCallback: PageCallback): void;
show(url: string): void;
redirect(url: string): void;
replace(path: string, state: null, init: boolean, dispatch: boolean): void;
base(url: string): void;
start(opts: Options): void;
stop(): void;
exit(pattern: string | RegExp, ...pageCallback: PageCallback[]): void;
export interface Options {
popstate?: boolean;
dispatch?: boolean;
// See for details
export interface PageContext {
canonicalPath: string;
path: string;
querystring: string;
pathname: string;
hash: string;
params: {[paramIndex: string]: string};
export type PageNextCallback = () => void;
export type PageCallback = (
context: PageContext,
next: PageNextCallback
) => void;
// Must only be used by gr-router!
// TODO: Move this into gr-router. Note that there is a Google import rule
// that would need to be modified.
export const page = pagejs as unknown as {create(): Page};