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Gerrit2 Feature Roadmap
Aside from the items listed here, see also the main issue tracker
for Gerrit:
* link:[Issue Tracking]
Offline Support
Initially we will use Google Gears, but HTML 5 will include
standardized offline application support that we should make
use of. With GWT we can target both. The plan is to initially
target Google Gears, and add HTML 5 support once Gerrit 2 is
mostly functional and/if at least one major browser supports it.
Federated Instances
Gerrit 2 instances should be able to forward changes between
each other. This couples with the next item ("No Google") to
allow corporate contributors to open source projects to use a
Gerrit 2 server internally to review (and scrub protected IP)
prior to submitting changes upstream to a public Gerrit server
and an established open source project.