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#!/bin/bash -e
case {branch} in
. 17
. 11
git checkout -f -b gerrit-master gerrit/{branch}
git submodule update --init
java -fullversion
bazelisk version
# This is a workaround to Issue 316936462: after the initial build with $BAZEL_OPTS
# that include a remote cache, the subsequent implicit build commands executed would
# expect the cache to be remote and fail to download the artifact if the $BAZEL_OPTS
# are not passed. Because the 'bazel build' commands are dynamically generated, the
# only way to pass the extra parameters is via .bazelrc
if [[ "$BAZEL_OPTS" != "" ]]
echo "build $BAZEL_OPTS" >> .bazelrc
# Whilst all the rest of Gerrit is able to automatically sync the Bazel repositories
# the PolyGerrit part fails to do so when the working directory is replaced with a
# fresh clone from the remote Git repository
bazelisk sync --only=npm --only=tools_npm --only=ui_npm --only=plugins_npm
bazelisk build api
./tools/maven/ install
git checkout -f origin/{branch}
mvn package
# Extract version information
PLUGIN_JARS=$(find . -name '{repo}*jar')
for jar in $PLUGIN_JARS
PLUGIN_VERSION=$(git describe --always origin/{branch})
echo -e "Implementation-Version: $PLUGIN_VERSION" > MANIFEST.MF
jar ufm $jar MANIFEST.MF && rm MANIFEST.MF
echo "$PLUGIN_VERSION" > $jar-version
curl -L{repo}/config | \
tail -n +2 > $(dirname $jar)/$(basename $jar .jar).json