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def accountCookie = ''
def xsrfToken = ''
def epochTime = new Date().getTime()
pipeline {
agent { label 'aws' }
parameters {
string(name: 'AWS_PREFIX', defaultValue:"jenkins", description: 'A string to prefix stacks and resources with')
string(name: 'AWS_REGION', defaultValue:"us-east-1", description: 'Which region to deploy to')
string(name: 'GERRIT_VERSION', defaultValue:"3.4", description: 'The gerrit version under test')
string(name: 'GERRIT_PATCH', defaultValue:"0-rc0", description: 'The gerrit version patch under test')
string(name: 'HOSTED_ZONE_NAME', defaultValue: "", description: 'Name of the hosted zone')
string(name: 'CLUSTER_INSTANCE_TYPE', defaultValue: 'm4.xlarge', description:'The EC2 instance Type used to run the cluster')
string(name: 'DOCKER_REGISTRY_URI', defaultValue: '117385740707.dkr.ecr.$(AWS_REGION)', description: 'URI of the Docker registry')
string(name: 'SSL_CERTIFICATE_ARN', defaultValue: "arn:aws:acm:us-east-1:117385740707:certificate/33e2c235-a4d1-42b7-b866-18d8d744975c", description: 'ARN of the wildcard SSL Certificate')
string(name: 'GERRIT_VOLUME_SNAPSHOT_ID', defaultValue: "snap-01c12c75ead9e9cd4", description: 'Id of the EBS volume snapshot')
string(name: 'METRICS_CLOUDWATCH_NAMESPACE', defaultValue: 'jenkins', description: 'The CloudWatch namespace for Gerrit metrics')
string(name: 'BASE_SUBDOMAIN', defaultValue: 'gerrit-demo', description: 'Name of the master sub domain')
string(name: 'GERRIT_KEY_PREFIX', defaultValue: 'gerrit_secret', description: 'Secrets prefix')
string(name: 'GERRIT_SSH_USERNAME', defaultValue: 'gerritadmin', description: 'Gerrit SSH username')
string(name: 'GERRIT_SSH_PORT', defaultValue: '29418', description: 'Gerrit SSH port')
string(name: 'GERRIT_HTTP_SCHEMA', defaultValue: 'https', description: 'Gerrit HTTP schema')
string(name: 'GIT_HTTP_USERNAME', defaultValue: '', description: 'Username for Git/HTTP testing, use vault by default')
password(name: 'GIT_HTTP_PASSWORD', defaultValue: '', description: 'Password for Git/HTTP testing, use vault by default')
string(name: 'GERRIT_PROJECT', defaultValue: 'load-test', description: 'Gerrit project for load test')
string(name: 'NUM_USERS', defaultValue: '10', description: 'Number of concurrent user sessions')
string(name: 'DURATION', defaultValue: '2 minutes', description: 'Total duration of the test')
environment {
DOCKER_HOST = """${sh(
returnStdout: true,
script: '/sbin/ip route|awk \'/default/ {print "tcp://"\$3":2375"}\''
SUBDOMAIN = String.format("%s-%s.%s", "jenkins", epochTime, "${params.BASE_SUBDOMAIN}")
BASE_URL = String.format("%s.%s", SUBDOMAIN, "${params.HOSTED_ZONE_NAME}")
GERRIT_HTTP_URL = String.format("%s://%s", "${params.GERRIT_HTTP_SCHEMA}", BASE_URL)
GERRIT_SSH_URL = String.format("ssh://%s@%s:%s", "${params.GERRIT_SSH_USERNAME}", BASE_URL, "${params.GERRIT_SSH_PORT}")
stage("Setup single-primary aws stack") {
steps {
withCredentials([usernamePassword(usernameVariable: "GS_GIT_USER", passwordVariable: "GS_GIT_PASS", credentialsId: "")]) {
sh 'echo "machine login $GS_GIT_USER password $GS_GIT_PASS">> ~/.netrc'
sh 'chmod 600 ~/.netrc'
sh 'rm -rf aws-gerrit'
sh "git clone -b master"
sh "cd aws-gerrit && git fetch origin master && git config jenkins && git config && git merge FETCH_HEAD"
dir ('aws-gerrit/gerrit/etc') {
script {
def gerritConfig = readFile(file:"gerrit.config.template")
gerritConfig = gerritConfig.replace("type = ldap","type = DEVELOPMENT_BECOME_ANY_ACCOUNT")
gerritConfig = gerritConfig.replace("smtpUser = {{ SMTP_USER }}\n enable = true","smtpUser = {{ SMTP_USER }}\n enable = false")
writeFile(file:"gerrit.config.template", text: gerritConfig)
withCredentials([usernamePassword(usernameVariable: "AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID",
passwordVariable: "AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY",
credentialsId: "aws-credentials-id")]) {
dir ('aws-gerrit/single-primary') {
script {
def setupData = readFile(file:"setup.env.template")
setupData = resolveParameter(setupData, "HOSTED_ZONE_NAME", "${params.HOSTED_ZONE_NAME}")
setupData = resolveParameter(setupData, "CLUSTER_INSTANCE_TYPE", "${params.CLUSTER_INSTANCE_TYPE}")
setupData = resolveParameter(setupData, "DOCKER_REGISTRY_URI", "${params.DOCKER_REGISTRY_URI}")
setupData = resolveParameter(setupData, "SSL_CERTIFICATE_ARN", "${params.SSL_CERTIFICATE_ARN}")
setupData = resolveParameter(setupData, "METRICS_CLOUDWATCH_NAMESPACE", "${params.METRICS_CLOUDWATCH_NAMESPACE}")
setupData = resolveParameter(setupData, 'SUBDOMAIN', "${env.SUBDOMAIN}")
setupData = setupData + "\nGERRIT_KEY_PREFIX:= ${params.GERRIT_KEY_PREFIX}"
writeFile(file:"setup.env", text: setupData)
sh 'echo "*** Computed values:"'
sh 'echo "* Subdomain: $SUBDOMAIN"'
sh 'echo "* Base URL: $BASE_URL"'
sh 'echo "* Gerrit HTTP URL: $GERRIT_HTTP_URL"'
sh 'echo "* Gerrit SSH URL: $GERRIT_SSH_URL"'
sh 'echo "Docker host: $DOCKER_HOST"'
stage('Extract Gatling test user credentials from Gerrit') {
steps {
retry(50) {
sh "curl --fail -L -I '${env.GERRIT_HTTP_URL}/config/server/healthcheck~status' 2>/dev/null"
sh "curl -L -c cookies -i -X POST '${env.GERRIT_HTTP_URL}/login/%2Fq%2Fstatus%3Aopen%2B-is%3Awip?account_id=1000000'"
script {
def cookies = readFile(file:"cookies")
def cookiesMap = cookies
.findAll{it.contains('GerritAccount') || it.contains('XSRF_TOKEN')}
.inject([:]) { map, token ->
def tokens = token.split('\t')
map[tokens[5].trim()] = tokens[6].trim()
accountCookie = cookiesMap['GerritAccount']
xsrfToken = cookiesMap['XSRF_TOKEN']
stage('Pull newest Gatling tests docker image') {
steps {
sh 'docker pull gerritforge/gatling-sbt-gerrit-test'
stage('Run Gatling tests') {
steps {
withCredentials([usernamePassword(usernameVariable: "DEFAULT_GIT_HTTP_USERNAME",
passwordVariable: "DEFAULT_GIT_HTTP_PASSWORD",
credentialsId: "gatlingHttp")]) {
script {
def gitHttpUsername = ("${params.GIT_HTTP_USERNAME}"?.trim()) ?: "${env.DEFAULT_GIT_HTTP_USERNAME}"
def gitHttpPassword = ("${params.GIT_HTTP_PASSWORD}"?.trim()) ?: "${env.DEFAULT_GIT_HTTP_PASSWORD}"
writeFile(file: "simulation.env", text: """
GIT_SSH_COMMAND="ssh -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no"
sh "mkdir -p ${WORKSPACE}/results"
// If Jenkins agent uses Docker remote server mounting local directory will mount directory
// from Docker server host not agent host. Gatling reports will not be visible in build workspace.
// Use Docker volume to avoid this situation.
sh "docker volume create gatling-results"
script {
for (simulation in ["GerritGitSimulation", "GerritRestSimulation"]) {
sh """\
docker run --rm --env-file simulation.env -v gatling-results:/opt/gatling/results \
gerritforge/gatling-sbt-gerrit-test -s gerritforge.${simulation}
//Copy data from Docker volume to Jenkins build workspace
sh "docker create -v gatling-results:/data --name gatling-results-container busybox true"
sh "docker cp gatling-results-container:/data/. ${WORKSPACE}/results/"
// Clean up
sh "docker rm gatling-results-container"
sh "docker volume rm gatling-results"
post {
cleanup {
withCredentials([usernamePassword(usernameVariable: "AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID",
passwordVariable: "AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY",
credentialsId: "aws-credentials-id")]) {
dir ('aws-gerrit/single-primary') {
sh "make AWS_REGION=${params.AWS_REGION} AWS_PREFIX=${params.AWS_PREFIX} delete-all"
def resolveParameter(String text, String paramName, String paramValue) {
return text.split('\n').collect { l ->
def targetLine = l.trim().startsWith(paramName)
targetLine ? "${paramName}:=${paramValue}" : l