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{namespace buck.buildtargetpattern}
{template .soyweb}
{param title: 'Build Target Pattern' /}
{param content}
A <em>build target pattern</em> is a string that describes a set of one or
more build targets to match. These are used in the list of strings passed
to the <code>visibility</code> argument of a build rule.
A build target is also a valid build target pattern that matches the
build target of same name:
# Matches '//apps/myapp:app'.
A build target pattern that ends with a colon matches build targets that
identify other rules in the same directory:
# Matches '//apps/myapp:app_debug' and '//apps/myapp:app_release'.
A build target that ends with <code>/...</code> matches any build target
pattern that identifies a rule in a build file in or under that directory:
# Matches '//apps:common' and '//apps/myapp:app'.