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{namespace buck.clean}
{template .soyweb}
{param title: 'buck clean' /}
{param content}
{call buck.command}
{param overview}
Deletes all files generated by Buck.
Buck keeps all of its deliverables and state in files, so deleting
those files is guaranteed to reset Buck's state so that a "clean
build" can be performed. The set of files where Buck stores its output
may change over time, but <code>buck clean</code> will always remove
the appropriate files for the current version.
{param params}
{call buck.param}
{param name: 'project' /}
{param alias: 'p'/}
{param desc}
Delete the directories generated by <code>buck project</code>.
This will not remove any <code>.iml</code> files, nor any files
under <code>.idea</code> for IntelliJ.
{call buck.param}
{param name: 'verbose' /}
{param alias: 'v'/}
{param desc}
How verbose logging to the console should be, with 1 as the minimum
and 10 as the most verbose.
{/param} // content
{/call} //