Gerrit User Summit 2023 - Speakers

Luca Milanesio - GerritForge

Luca is co-founder of GerritForge and has over 30 years of software development and application lifecycle management experience. He has been Gerrit Contributor since 2012, Gerrit release manager, member of the Gerrit Engineering Steering Committee and maintainer of, the Open Service for Gerrit Code Review on top of GitHub repositories.


James Blair - Acme Gating

James is the project lead for the Zuul project gating system, and a founding member of the OpenDev collaboratory team. As a sysadmin and hacker he gets to write elegant code and then try to make it work in the real world. He started Acme Gating to provide enterprise Zuul support and services.


Shane McIntosh - University of Waterloo

Shane McIntosh is the current Ross & Muriel Faculty Fellow and an Associate Professor in the Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, Canada. At U. Waterloo, Shane directs the Software Repository Excavation and Build Engineering Labs (the Software REBELs), where he and his trainees use empirical methods to study software build systems, release engineering, and software quality.


Farshad Kazemi - University of Waterloo

Farshad Kazemi is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Waterloo. The overarching goal of his Ph.D. research is making pragmatic improvements to the quality and efficiency of peer code review.


Fabio Ponciroli - GerritForge


Fabio is a Senior Software Engineer at GerritForge, where he contributes to the OpenSource Gerrit Code Review project. He has been involved since the beginning in the design and development of Gerrit DevOps analytics tools, multi-site plugin and many other. He has also created the Gatling protocol manager for Git which has finally provided a real E2E test suite for the validation of the Gerrit Code Review releases. He has extensive experience in working on backend systems, on-premise and cloud-based, with different programming languages, such as Scala, Java, NodeJS and related ecosystems.

Diego Zambelli Sessona - GerritForge

Diego Zambelli Sessona is a software developer and started to discover Gerrit only a few months ago. Working at Gerritforge started to add his small contributions in June 2023.


Antonio Barone - GerritForge


Antonio joined GerritForge in 2018. Since then, he has contributed to the design and development of various tools and plugins for Gerrit, such as DevOps analytics, multi-site and chronicle-map. Recently, he zeroed in on the integration of Gerrit with the cloud.

Marcin Czech - GerritForge

Marcin is a Senior Software Engineer at GerritForge where he contributes to the OpenSource Gerrit Code Review project.

Over the last four years he has been involved in the design and development of numerous parts of the Gerrit ecosystem, such as: Gerrit core, multi-site, events-broker(Kafka and AWS Kinesis) and pull-replication.

Christoforos Miliotis - GerritForge

Christoforos is a Software Engineer with a broad experience in distributed systems. He joined GerritForge in March 2023 where he contributes to the OpenSource Gerrit Code Review project.

Jacek Centkowski - Unaffiliated

Jacek Centkowski is a Gerrit contributor since 2013. He deepened his Gerrit knowledge and involvement and was trusted a maintainer in 2020. He has recently focused on owners' plugin improvements.


Daniele Sassoli

Daniele is a Senior Software Engineer with a long experience in highly scalable systems hosted in the cloud. As a member of the GerritForge team he has had the chance to design, mantain and improve high throughput multi-site installations. He also gets to learn from the team‘s wealth of experience in all things Gerrit and contribute to the long list of plugin’s maintained by them.


Thomas Draebing - SAP


Thomas is a Software Developer at SAP, where he is part of the team providing Gerrit for development teams within SAP. He is actively contributing to Gerrit since 2018 and has started the k8s-gerrit project.

Long Xie - Superhexa

Long Xie has over 15 years of software development experience and is the backend tech lead at the smart hardware company, Superhexa. He previously worked at Xiaomi for 10 years.


Patrick Hiesel - Google

Patrick joined Google and the Gerrit project in 2016, working primarily on the backend. Since then, he has worked on making Gerrit faster, and more stable as well as different features, including Submit Requirements.

He is a Gerrit maintainer and a member of the Engineering Steering Committee.

Dominik Aschbacher - BearingPoint

Dominik Aschbacher, 23 years old, DevOps Engineer at BearingPoint, working with Kubernetes, Prometheus, IaC (Pulumi), CI/CD.