Gerrit User Summit 2018 - Schedule

The User Summit, November 15th (Thu) to 16th (Fri)

Introduction, intermediate and advanced sessions on Gerrit Code Review.

Thursday 15th

8:30Registration Opens, Breakfast, Networking
9:00Welcome introduction
9:15Upgrading to Gerrit 2.15: real-life story on GerritHub
10:00What's new in 2.14
10:45Break & Networking
11:30Different change workflows in Gerrit
12:15Lunch & Networking
14:00Gerrit Multi-master & multi-site: an OpenSource solution
14:20Session #5
14:45[Gerrit 2.16, 3.0 and beyond] - PLACEHOLDER
15:30Break & Networking
16:00Q&A with the Gerrit Maintainers
17:00End of Day 1

Friday 16th

9:00Breakfast, Networking
9:15DevOps Analytics - Uncover the value of Gerrit Pipeline
10:00Gerrit on Kubernetes
10:45Break & Networking
11:30BLIMP Tracer: Integrating Build Impact Analysis with Code Review
12:15Lunch & Networking
14:00[Gerrit at Google PLACEHOLDER] - hanwen
14:45Session #12
15:30Break & Networking
16:00Session #13
16:45Closing note
17:00End of the Summit