Saturday Agenda

9:35 am What‘s new in 2.11, what’s coming in 2.12

An overview of the new features and important fixes that are included in Gerrit 2.11, followed by a preview of the new features coming in Gerrit 2.12.


David Pursehouse, Sony Mobile

10:00 am Google Store!

The Google Store will be open to us between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm today (Saturday). Please show your “Gerrit User Summit” badge to gain access to the store. The store is located at:

1981 Landings Drive, Mountain View, CA


This is several blocks away. You may prefer to drive. The famous “Android statue” farm is also located here and is a frequent photo opportunity.

10:00 am Coupling Changes

Topic based submission of multiple changes at once. Sometimes this has been referred to as atomic submit.


Stefan Beller, Google

11:00 am Impact of Modern Code Review Practices

Software teams that use modern code reviewing tools like Gerrit are quickly accumulating data about their code reviewing processes. In our research, we mine this code review data, connecting it with data from other software repositories (e.g., version control, bug trackers) to produce rich datasets. We then analyze these datasets to study the impact that code reviewing has on: (a) software release quality (approximated using occurrences of post-release bugs) and (b) software design quality (approximated using occurrences of design anti-patterns). In this talk, I will describe our approach to Gerrit mining code review data and the results of some of our recent empirical studies of the code reviewing processes of large open source systems, such as Qt and OpenStack.



Shane McIntosh, McGill University

1:00 pm GerritHub: 2 years in

GerritHub launched 2 years ago, bringing Gerrit to GitHub repositories. Learn more about how this is going.

Luca Milanesio GerritForge


1:00 pm Gerrit in a Windows world

Managing Gerrit in a mostly-Windows environment, and how we've helped simplify and improve the new employee setup process by automating many of the Git and Gerrit configuration steps.

Doug Kelly, Garmin

1:30 pm SAML in a weekend

Single Sign-on (SSO) enables users to conveniently sign in into an organization's internal application by using a single set of credentials. More than that, by signing once, they gain access to all the applications they need. Besides the obvious convenience SSO provides to end users, IT administrators can manage all their users and their access rights from a central place. In this talk, I will show you how we implemented SSO via SAML for Gerrit in just one weekend.

Nadav S Samet, TrueAccord

1:30 pm Gertty: Console Interface to Gerrit

Gertty is a console-based interface to Gerrit implementing using Gerrit‘s comprehensive REST API. Gertty’s author will discuss his experience using the API, demonstrate the unique capabilities afforded by a secondary interface, and show some ASCII art.

James Blair, OpenStack / IBM

2:00 pm Ericsson's migration to Gerrit

Frank Stockmans, Ericsson


3:00 pm Gerrit at Yahoo, a 2-year Journey

Sharing our experience in these 2 years on Gerrit's growth in Yahoo from a single team pilot to the company wide recommended code review solution.

We will talk about the reason why we chose Gerrit and how we move forward the adoption along with Git and GitHub, Chef based deployments, submit rules customizations, and a few metrics we created to facilitate better use of Gerrit and code reviews in general, also the critical role Gerrit played in the landscape of continuous delivery.

Shanbin Wang, Yahoo


3:30 pm Git at Google

Shawn Pearce, Google


3:45 pm Gerrit at Intel

Jorj-Cezar Munteanu