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  1. iron-a11y-keys-behavior/
  2. iron-autogrow-textarea/
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  5. iron-icon/
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  7. iron-input/
  8. iron-overlay-behavior/
  9. iron-selector/
  10. iron-test-helpers/
  11. paper-button/
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  13. paper-item/
  14. paper-listbox/
  15. paper-tabs/
  16. paper-toggle-button/
  17. polymer/
  18. polymer-resin/
  19. LICENSE.txt
  20. package.json

This repository contains a code to provide compatibility layer between Polymer 3 and Polymer 2. It allows to run Polymer 2 application on top of Polymer 3 without changing a code.

The repository is added as a submodule to gerrit project; polygerrit-ui/app/package.json references a local folder (with submodule).

folder will be removed after full switch from Polymer 2 to Polymer 3.

Some files have code related to google-closure-library, but it is not necessary to use google-closure-library - the polymer/lib/utils/boot_bridge.js file provides placoholders for it.

Note: it is expected, that this repository is used only during transition period (Polymer 2 -> Polymer 3). After the transition is complete (including plugins), the submodule will be removed from gerrit repository.