getIfPresent: fallback to fetching from store if isn't in memory

Align the implementation with what the H2 version of the cache was
doing, by always looking at the store as 2nd chance when the in-memory
cache not have the requested key when calling getIfPresent.

Bug: Issue 16496
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Persistent cache for Gerrit, based on ChronicleMap

Non-blocking and super-fast on-disk cache libModule for Gerrit Code Review based on ChronicleMap on-disk implementation.

How to build

This libModule is built like a Gerrit in-tree plugin, using Bazelisk. See the build instructions for more details.


  • Install cache-chronicalmap module

Install the chronicle-map module into the $GERRIT_SITE/lib directory.

Add the cache-chroniclemap module to $GERRIT_SITE/etc/gerrit.config as follows:

  installModule = com.googlesource.gerrit.modules.cache.chroniclemap.ChronicleMapCacheModule

For further information and supported options, refer to config documentation.

Migration from H2 caches

You can check how to migrate from H2 to chronicle-map here.