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  1. gerrit.profile.yaml
  2. istio-system-namespace.yaml
  3. namespace.yaml

Istio for Gerrit

Configuring istio

It is recommended to set a static IP to be used by the LoadBalancer service deployed by istio. To do that set spec.components.ingressGateways[0].k8s.overlays[0].patches[0].value, which is commented out by default, which causes the use of an ephemeral IP.

Installing istio

Create the istio-system-namespace:

kubectl apply -f ./istio/istio-system-namespace.yaml

Verify that your istioctl version (istioctl version) matches the version in istio/gerrit.profile.yaml under spec.tag.

Install istio:

istioctl install -f istio/gerrit.profile.yaml