Gerrit Code Review Releases

Latest release: 2.14.

2.15 (In development)

  • Private Changes

Release notes for Gerrit 2.15


  • Changes can be assigned to specific users

  • Open and Abandoned changes can be deleted

  • HTML emails and new templating framework

  • Support for receiving review comments by email

  • New Polymer based user interface

  • Support for elliptic curve/ed25519 SSH keys

  • Secondary index with Elastic Search (experimental)

Release notes for Gerrit 2.14


  • Support for Git LFS

  • Metrics interface

  • Hooks plugin

  • Access control for git submodule subscriptions

Release notes for Gerrit 2.13.


  • New change submission workflows: ‘Submit Whole Topic’ and ‘Submitted Together’.

  • Support for GPG Keys and signed pushes.

Release notes for Gerrit 2.12.

Older Releases

Release notes for releases prior to 2.12 can be found on the old documentation site.