DevServer: Add non-null value to GitilesServlet call

That parameter was added through commit fbe16e86, which forgot to fix
this change case accordingly.

Make that parameter not @Nullable anymore, as calling that constructor
with a null value caused an unrecoverable NPE for this change.

This makes [1] and the dev build target ([2]) working again.

[1] Documentation/
[2] bazel build java/com/google/gitiles/dev

Change-Id: I45c65c5debad8fc0a50252cc530d8e84e712db4a
3 files changed
tree: bc430a7c20659251d4dbe4b0a9b43b52c56789f7
  1. .bazelrc
  2. .bazelversion
  3. .gitignore
  4. .mailmap
  5. .settings/
  6. BUILD
  8. Documentation/
  11. fake_pom_deploy.xml
  12. java/
  13. javatests/
  14. lib/
  16. resources/
  17. tools/
  18. version.bzl

Gitiles - A simple JGit repository browser

Gitiles is a simple repository browser for Git repositories, built on JGit. Its guiding principle is simplicity: it has no formal access controls, no write access, no fancy Javascript, etc.

Gitiles automatically renders *.md Markdown files into HTML for simplified documentation. Refer to the Markdown documentation for details.


Gitiles is configurable in a git-style configuration file named gitiles.config. Refer to the configuration documentation for details.


Use the issue tracker at github to file bugs.

Contributing to Gitiles

Please refer to the Developer Guide.