Fix Truth dependencies

The used version of Truth indirectly depends on diffutils. Add it
similarly as we did for Gerrit core (see I80527c9ea4). Gerrit core also
specifies Guava as runtime dependence, so do it here too.

Change-Id: I3d106f3b990fa4447ac772cad4e2c4b3c2b50811
4 files changed
tree: f07c3a64bfa0e727e77e8ce8694a8ac7e91d4e54
  1. .settings/
  2. Documentation/
  3. java/
  4. javatests/
  5. lib/
  6. resources/
  7. tools/
  8. .bazelrc
  9. .gitignore
  10. .mailmap
  11. BUILD
  13. fake_pom_deploy.xml
  16. version.bzl

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