slothfs/gitiles: add HTTP client to service opts

This allows clients to provide their own HTTP clients for the gitiles
library to use instead of the default client. This is useful for clients
where authentication cannot be handled by the CookieJar.

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SlothFS is a FUSE filesystem that provides light-weight, lazily downloaded, read-only checkouts of manifest-based Git projects. It is intended for use with Android.

How to use

To start the file system:

go install
mkdir /tmp/mnt
slothfs-repofs /tmp/mnt &

To create a workspace “ws” corresponding to the latest manifest version

go install
slothfs-deref-manifest > /tmp/m.xml
ln -s /tmp/m.xml /tmp/mnt/config/ws

More details can be found in the manual.


This is not an official Google product.