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Gerrit CI Docker Image

This is a Docker image based on the Jenkins Docker image that allows users to build and test the Gerrit CI jobs automatically, based on the configuration at

In turn, these CI scripts are based on -- which builds Jenkins jobs based on YAML configurations.

In this particular image, the YAML configurations are updated and jobs reloaded every 5 minutes via the Jenkins SCM trigger. These jobs are fetched from the gerrit-ci-scripts repository and automatically reloaded.

It is also possible to run the gerrit-ci-scripts-manual job and provide the legacy Change ID number and a particular revision to build: Jenkins will fetch this particular change and load any job configurations changed in this revision. Note that it will not inhibit the main gerrit-ci-scripts trigger from polling.

Notes for users of boot2docker

If you're using boot2docker, the stock drive image and memory will not be enough. I would recommend growing your boot2docker volume to at least 40GB, and perhaps adding an extra 2-4GB swap space at the end of the volume. Additionally, you may wish to increase the amount of memory allocated to your boot2docker VM to at least 3GB (4GB+ preferred). Failing to do this may result in unusual failures of the VM or build errors.

For more information on enlarging the boot2docker volume, please see:

Building all the images with one command

make build


Images available are:

  • gerritforge/gerrit-ci-agent: Base Jenkins agent with OS and prerequisites.

  • gerritforge/gerrit-ci-agent-debian: Base Jenkins agent with OS and prerequisites.

  • gerritforge/gerrit-ci-agent-bazel: Bazel build for gerrit 2.14+.

  • gerritforge/gerrit-ci-agent-bazel-sbt: Setups scala for plugins that use scala.

  • gerritforge/gerrit-ci-agent-mvn - Setups maven for plugins that use maven.

Running the container

  • docker run --privileged -it <image_name> bash

If your not familar with docker please follow