Remove broken --test_verbose_timeout_warnings option

On recent Bazel version this option is erroneously reporting every
cached tests result with "excluding execution overhead", e.g.:

  //Documentation:check_licenses             (cached) PASSED in 0.2s
  WARNING: //Documentation:check_licenses: Test execution time
  (0.2s excluding execution overhead) outside of range for MODERATE
  tests. Consider setting timeout="short" or size="small".

See this upstream issue for more details: [1].

Remove this option for now, as it's messing up the test results, and
consider to enable it later when upstream issue is fixed and new bazel
version is released.


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Gerrit CI scripts

Providing jobs

This project uses Jenkins Jobs Builder [1] to generate jobs from yaml descriptor files.

To add new jobs reuse existing templates, defaults etc. as much as possible. E.g. adding a job to build an additional branch of a project may be as easy as adding the name of the branch to an existing project.

To ensure well readable yaml-files, use yamllint [2] to lint the yaml-files. Yamllint can be downloaded using Python Pip:

pip3 install yamllint

To run the linter, execute this command from the project's root directory:

yamllint -c yamllint-config.yaml jenkins/**/*.yaml

Yamllint will not fix detected issues itself.

[1] [2]