Build serviceuser plugin on its own stable-3.9 branch

Unfortunately, the same commit doesn't build against stable-3.8 branch
due to outdated nodeJS and TypeScript toolchain.

I figured that these cherry-pick series is needed to gerrit stable-3.8 branch to fix the serviceuser build:

c46e4131ed Upgrade yarn deps
786689601b Fix yarn.lock file to use yarn instead of npm
748fd728b5 Move back to web-test-runner 0.14.0
df95e8a2e6 Update Resemble to 5.0
7ad42106bd Upgrade yarn deps
925121837c Update @web/dev-server-esbuild to 0.3.6
cb7891f68d Update eslint* packages
494c55f498 Update @web/* packages
958755982c Update @open-wc/testing to 3.1.8
df966477bb Bump version in package.json
4b5a4bad1f Update @bazel/* npm packages to ^5.8.0
b43e60e6ce Update eslint-plugin-jsdoc to 44.2.4
10dc66883b Bazel: Bump NodeJS version to 20.9.0
39bcec0eb5 Update node version used to 18.17.0
70f3c7c257 Update rules_nodejs to 5.8.2

Also add build against gerrit's stable-3.10 branch.

Change-Id: I4871b4d2c48c7612d470cc1d55e4720eecd7d603
1 file changed
tree: fde1475f771ec9b806388a4163f3cc7878e587bc
  1. jenkins/
  2. jenkins-docker/
  3. jenkins-internal/
  4. vars/
  5. .gitignore
  6. Jenkinsfile
  8. yamllint-config.yaml

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