Replace InputRule with Path.

Updated `ConcurrentMapFileHashCache` to use a `LoadingCache` to maintain the
mapping from `Path` to `HashCode`.

Previously, `InputRule` contained four fields (`File`, `BuildTarget`, `ListenableFuture`, `RuleKey`).
We had one of these for potentially every file in a project. That is a large potential for
wasted memory. The existence of `InputRule` also required us to persist some kludginess in

This diff removes the hacks from `BuildTarget` and reclaims potentially a ton of memory.
By using a `LoadingCache`, we do not have to worry about the same input file being sha1'd
multiple times. We can also stop passing around references to a pathResolver in many places
and rely on `Path` being a path relative to the project root.

Test Plan: Sandcastle builds.
33 files changed
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Buck is an Android build tool. To see what Buck can do for you, check out the documentation at


To build Buck, run the following:

git clone
cd buck
./bin/buck --help


Apache License 2.0