Docker Operations

The templates provided by this repo aim to deploy Gerrit (and the relevant infrastructure) as containerized applications over Amazon ECS. In order to achieve this the application components, including Gerrit are packaged as docker images and stored in ECR, the AWS docker registry.

Configure Elastic Container Registry (ECR)

Set the DOCKER_REGISTRY_URI environment variable in your setup.env file. This will be


The existence of the docker repositories is left as a prerequisite manual step, see documentation

Publishing Docker images

The Makefiles provided by these recipes allow to publish docker images to ECR (see below). You might want to do this to test building phase without deploying a new cluster, however you should keep in mind that publishing a new docker image will not make it available to ECS, so it cannot be used for upgrading running instances.

Note that you will need to cd to the recipe directory before running any of the following and that the relevant image needs to exist for that specific recipe.

  • Gerrit: make gerrit-publish
  • SSH Agent: make git-ssh-publish
  • Gerrit Daemon: make git-daemon-publish
  • Grafana: make grafana-publish
  • Prometheus: make prometheus-publish