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Local environment

this project provides a docker-compose to facilitate spinning of a local environment running kibana and elasticsearch.

Getting Started

To get you running in no time, this project also provides a way to spin up a local environment with elasticsearch and kibana:

cd local_environment
docker-compose up

this will start:

  • elasticsearch, bound and exposing port 9200 and 9300
  • kibana, bound and exposing port 5601

Build kibana for local environment

The docker-compose relies on an external image (```gerritforge/analytics-kibana-6.5.4``), which is also maintained as part of this repository. If you don't need to make any changes to it you can just spin up the docker-compose, however if you want to build a new version you must follow these steps:

  • you must have an instance of elasticsearch running (this is needed by the kibana optimization step), if you don't you can use the docker-compose one:
cd local_environment
docker-compose up elasticsearch
  • Make the relevant changes to the kibana Dockerfile
cd local_environment/kibana
# ... make changes ...
docker build --network=local_environment_analytics -t gerritforge/analytics-kibana-6.5.4 .