Gerrit Virtual User Summit 2021 - Speakers

Luca Milanesio - GerritForge


Luca is the co-founder of GerritForge and has over 25 years of software development and application lifecycle management experience. He is a Gerrit Contributor since 2012 and member of the Engineering Steering Committee since 2019.

Luca maintains, the Open Service for Gerrit Code Review on top of GitHub repositories.

Fabio Ponciroli - GerritForge


Fabio is a Senior Software Engineer at GerritForge where he contributes to the OpenSource Gerrit Code Review project. He has been involved since the beginning in the design and development of DevOps analytics tools for Gerrit. He has extensive experience in working on backend systems, on-premise and cloud-based, with different programming languages, such as Scala, Java, NodeJS and related ecosystems.

Paul Jolly - CUE


Paul is a core contributor on the CUE project. He co-created, co-founded the Go Tools Working Group, is a regular contributor to the Go project, and helps maintain various Go and CUE-based open source projects.

Shane McIntosh - University of Waterloo

Shane is an associate professor at the University of Waterloo, where he directs the Software Repository Excavation and Build Engineering Labs (the Software REBELs). Previously, he was an assistant professor with McGill University, where he held the Canada Research Chair in Software Release Engineering. He received the PhD from Queen‘s University, for which he was awarded the Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal. In his research, he uses empirical methods to study software build systems, release engineering, and software quality.

Patrick Hiesel - Google

Patrick joined Google and the Gerrit project in 2016 working primarily on the backend. Since then, he has worked on making Gerrit faster and more stable as well as different features including (most recently) Submit Requirements.

He is a Gerrit maintainer and a member of the Engineering Steering Committee.

Edwin Kempin - Google

Edwin is a long-time Gerrit contributor. He joined the Gerrit project in 2010, became a maintainer in 2012 and assumed the role as community manager in 2019.

Since 2015 he's working at Google in the Gerrit backend team that develops Gerrit core and maintains the Gerrit infrastructure at Google. Previously Edwin worked 10+ years at SAP where he was responsible for Gerrit development and hosting as well.

Ian Gauthier -

Ian is a recent Master's graduate from McGill University, where he studied Software Engineering with a particular focus on Software Modelling and Software Repository Mining. Ian currently works at