One step closer to the cloud: forward Gerrit events to Jenkins via AWS Kinesis

In the effort of making Gerrit more cloud-native, we cannot neglect tools integrating with Gerrit. Jenkins, currently, doesn't have a way to integrate with Gerrit via cloud-native tools.

In this lightning talk, I will demo AWS Kinesis Consumer, a Jenkins plugin allowing the consumption of Gerrit stream events from Kinesis.


How do you integrate Jenkins with Gerrit?

  • Gerrit Trigger plugin
  • Gerrit Code Review Plugin
  • Other

What are the main issue you face with your setup?

  • integration is difficult to setup
  • scalability issues with big Jenkins installation
  • loosing events when Gerrit restarts
  • loosing events when Jenkins restarts
  • difficult to debug issues

Fabio Ponciroli, GerritForge